The driver said eagerly. Can I go at least now.

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With both hands on her ass, he pulled her up as he pulled his dick almost completely out of her, and then pushed them together, hard. It was the deepest he had ever gone fucking someone, and the cry of pleasure from Jill's mouth probably made that apply to her as well. He knew it wasn't right, that he was committing a taboo, but there was just something about her, something about this situation, that made him want it all the more.

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So, when she finally got the nerve to talk to him, she was overwhelmed with joy when she realized he was just a very nice man and enjoyed her company a well. The intimidating body and revealing suit that scared off most people, was just a simple preference for him and not some sort of statement. He was quiet, almost shy and very self-deprecating. He made fun of himself and had a wonderful view on living life.

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