She bent at the waist and fought against hyperventilating. It can't be.

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To men anyway. So, armed with the wine I knocked on the door of what was legally now my house and was delighted when mother opened it looking every inch the sexy older woman. After our hugs and kisses I followed her through to the lounge and sat her down on the settee, taking an armchair for myself.

She already knew the details of today's court appearance and had glasses waiting - I poured us both a generous amount and raised my glass: to us, mother, settled at last She echoed this sentiment and took a healthy swallow.

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Well allegedly one of the younger students managed to see under Miss Lambert's mini-skirt and claims she wasn't wearing any panties. Ah; OK, I'll talk to her. Thanks. And with that Janette walked off, being sure not to look at Richard. At lunch time that day Janette quietly told Frances about the rumour.

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