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The most spicy dishes of the world

In the kitchen of a country it is possible to find the dish that makes instantly in tears from the amount of spices and pepper. Trendymen chose ten savory dishes that can hold only a trained stomach extreme gourmet.

The rankings took into account not only the level of spiciness, but the blend of ingredients affecting the overall taste of the dish. Therefore, we do not claim that you will not be able to find something witty, but guarantee that any dish on this list will give you a unique gastronomic experience. Dishes in the collection are arranged according to increasing severity.

Tom Yam — Thailand

Tom yum Thai sour and spicy soup. The flavor and aroma of this dish rarely leave anyone indifferent. As in most Thai cuisine, the basis for cooking soups Tom yum chicken (Tom yum Kai) or fish (Tom yum PLA). The sharpness and acidity to the dish, giving his invariable ingredients – chili pepper, juice and lime leaves. In Bangkok Tom yum is traditionally served with a scoop of white rice, which makes the dish more nourishing and helps to soothe the stomach after such a “hot” dishes.

Shrimp Creole — U.S.

The shrimp Creole is probably one of the most classic and delicious Creole cuisine. The taste of the dishes are really unusual: shrimp are becoming saturated slivochnye, which is set off by the garlic and hot sauce, and blossom in tomato and vegetable bouquet. Although the spice can be varied based on personal preferences, the side dish is best to choose a neutral — vegetables or boiled rice.

Potato wanniski — Peru

This dish is a traditional and probably the most known example of Peruvian cuisine. And it’s a great way to cook potatoes. Potatoes wanniski is a salad of boiled potatoes drenched in a spicy creamy cheese sauce. In the classic version is served on a leaf salad with boiled eggs and olives. The composition of the special sauce for this dish includes milk, yellow peppers, fresh cheese, lemon juice, onion, garlic and red chili pepper.

Salad of daikon radish and Sichuan pepper — China

Salads are rarely spicy, but this dish of Sichuan cuisine can be considered a happy exception to the rule. Sharp, spicy and crisp taste of the salad complemented the chili. The dish makes a wonderful accompaniment to any grilled main dish.

The bibimbap and kimchi – South Korea

Kimchi is the most popular and main dish of Korean cuisine, without which it can not do any one meal. Usually we mean kimchi cabbage salted with garlic, red pepper, onion or onion juice, garlic and ginger. Kimchi is often served with other basic national dish called bibimbap. The dish consists of boiled white rice covered with a vegetable salad, pasta with hot peppers, raw eggs or scrambled eggs and sliced pieces of meat.

Suicide chicken wings — U.S.

The literal translation of the name of this dish (suicidal chicken wings) speaks for itself. This version of the recipe for wings is the greatest in the world. A mixture of Tabasco sauce, chopped chilies and hot peppers guaranteed to burn a hole in your stomach. Cold beer will not help to neutralize the spiciness, these wings should definitely enjoy a generous serving of sour cream or blue cheese sauce.

Chicken in Jerk sauce and Caribbean Islands

Spicy chicken marinated in Jerk sauce, is the national dish of Jamaica. The highlight of this dish is a special recipe marinade – Jerk sauce. It is composed of hot red pepper, ginger, dark rum, soy sauce, white vinegar, black pepper and allspice and lime juice. The perfect garnish for this dish would be boiled white rice, and to wash down spicy chicken cool recommended Jamaican ginger beer.

Watt — Ethiopia

Ethiopians prefer to cook different types hot under the General name “watt”. To submit they are usually under the burning sauce “Chow-berbere”. “Watt” can be made from any type of meat — chicken, beef and even fish.

Vindaloo — India

Vindaloo is a popular Indian dish, which is considered the most spicy of all the curries. Recipe of the classic vindaloo believes the presence of the following mandatory components: pork, vinegar and garlic, plus a blend of hot spices (garam masala and/or curry), but there are many variations, including the substitution of pork for other meats (or even several).

The winner of our little rating — paste sambal ulek of the most well-known variety of Indonesian and Malay pepper pastes, applying to give dishes a spicy-tangy taste and as a substitute for chili peppers. Sambal-ulek is prepared from hot red peppers, salt, vinegar and brown sugar.

My Kingdom for a drink of water: the most expensive food in the world
The most expensive water in the world's Most expensive meat - Japanese marbled beef is the Most expensive spice in the world saffron is the Most expensive caviar is the…


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