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The most unusual and delicious recipes from squid

The most unusual and delicious recipes from squid impossible without proper preparation of the carcass. How to prepare squid and what creative dishes can be done, today will tell you some Smart advice .

Squid – diet food product

Dietetic value of meat squid cannot be compared to any fish or meat. Easily digestible protein, polyunsaturated fats, amino acids, b vitamins, iodine, potassium, phosphorus is not a complete list of nutrients.

The processing rules for squid before cooking

The secret of boiling squid

The main secret of by boiling squid: it needs to cook 30 seconds or less, or more than 30 minutes . Put the squid on a slotted spoon and immerse in boiling with spices salted water. Quickly count to ten and immediately remove. Do this with each bird separately. You will receive succulent tender squid meat. If for any reason you are overexposed squid, then simmer for 30 minutes, after this period of time he will again become soft.

Recipes with squid

The easiest and most delicious dish of squid – beef Stroganoff

A stunning effect with minimum cost!

After you have cleaned squid, cut and[ thin strips or rings (without boiling).

In a pan warm up vegetable oil.

Fry chopped onion polukoltsami almost up to readiness.

Then add the sliced squid and cook 3minuty.

The dish is ready.

In the process of putting you can add mayonnaise or low-fat cream, garlic, spices. Remember, if you keep a squid on fire more than 4 minutes, they will become rubber.

Calamari fries

Ingredients 1 kg squid:

Prepared raw carcasses of squid cut into rings. Break in a bowl the 4 eggs and whisk until smooth, slightly salt. Squid rings, first dip in eggs, then in breadcrumbs, then put on a heated with oil pan. Fry on both sides for a minute, not more!

Very nice and tasty!

Chops of squid (brissoles)

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