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The most delicious dishes of the world

New year is perhaps the most anticipated holiday around the world. He enveloped real magic, incredible miracles and amazing traditions. And what would the tradition of celebrating in different parts of the world, and new year’s table — this is a mandatory symbol for Ukrainians and for Russians, for Germans, and for the Japanese and for Americans. So, if we can not imagine New year without sparkling champagne, delicious salad “Olivier”, and Mandarin “new year fire” on TV, something about the traditional culinary preferences of the inhabitants of other countries, we know practically nothing. And in all parts of the world people believe that a particular dish can bring good luck and happiness in the family. So, on the eve of this holiday, we decided to prepare for you a selection of dishes from around the world, which will be covered tables for the New year.


In this country no celebration is complete without the preparation of local plumpudding — dish of crumbs of bread, flour, eggs, various spices, raisins, and, not believe FAT. Before serve, pour English rum and set on fire. Awesome yummy, however, as a spectacle!

Traditionally served here and the Turkey, stuffed vegetables. It also put a gorgeous sauce of gooseberries.


In the U.S., as in England, on New year’s serving the Turkey. However its recipe differs from the European one. Simply put, the carcass is stuffed prakticheskimi products that you can find in the fridge. Most often it is the mushrooms, garlic, apples, beans, cabbage, prunes, spices and cheese.

Hungary and Austria

Here is considered bad manners to serve a bird, and in any form. The Hungarians and the Austrians say that together with a bird can fly and wellbeing. In General, as mentioned in the famous Soviet movie “the Caucasian prisoner”, so sorry for the bird.

In Austria usually served strudel and schnitzel, and a little less prepared fish salads. In Hungary on New year’s prepared bagels, walnut and poppy seed rolls.

Sweden and Denmark

The main new year’s dish of the Danes is cod. Fish in local residents is associated with wealth and health. But the Swedes certainly prepare Lucifix — dish from the same fish, but only dried.


Obligatory dish “German new year’s table” is considered a salted herring. No less important are considered culinary creations Sauerkraut —cabbage with famous Bavarian sausages, Eisbein pork shank. There are also tons of sausages eaten, washed down with German beer. But there is nothing new!


But the Jews, as in letter, all topsy-turvy. Why, you ask? But because New year is celebrated in autumn, in September. Festive feast has a number of interesting features. The main feature is sour, salty and bitter dishes are prohibited. It is served only with sweet dishes. Of the desserts are honey, pomegranates, dates and apples. Challah is a festive bread and dipped in fresh honey. Thus the local population “sweetens” the coming year. In addition to sweets even served beets, cabbage and boiled fish.

France and the Netherlands

If you’re lucky enough to attend the celebration of the New year in the Netherlands, you will certainly see salt beans, doughnuts and deep-fried. In France Christmas table in its classical form is not complete without oysters, roasted chestnuts, sandwiches with delicious goose pate and various cheeses. Something is missing? That’s right, we forgot about French wines.


Poles to celebrate the New year prepare 12 different dishes. As we are at Christmas! Meat dishes will not see here. The most popular is Polish borscht or mushroom soup, gnocchi with butter, barley porridge with prunes and chocolate cake. Indispensable food – fish.

Slovakia and the Czech Republic

In these two countries prefer pearl-barley porridge and Apple strudel – puff pastry roll. Modestly, but tasty.

Australia, Romania, Bulgaria

Among the abundance of different traditional dishes on the Christmas tables of these countries, you will definitely try a very interesting pie. Its main peculiarity is that in one of the pie slices is hidden the coin, spice or nut. Anyone who caught such a find, in the coming year will create his own family. Such a superstition!


New years eve always eat the Japanese mochi — small rice cakes that are prepared with fruit and sesame seeds. A new year’s eve they will cook long noodles. On the tables very often there are roasted chestnuts, seaweed, peas, boiled fish, beans. It is believed that these dishes are the key to happiness, peace and health.

Portugal, Spain, Cuba

The inhabitants of these countries exactly at 00:00 eat 12 grapes. And after each eaten a grape they make a wish every month of the New year.


Here usually serve grapes, but even lentils and nuts, as a pledge and a symbol of longevity, prosperity and health.


Residents of Tibet before the New year, bake a lot of pies with various fillings, and give them out to all people. More will be distributed will be richer!


The Belgians, like true aristocrats, eat boar meat, salami with truffles, traditional cake, and all washed down with this wine.

In General, modern Christmas cuisine of different countries of the world offers many interesting dishes. After reviewing them, you are definitely diversifying and their celebrations.

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The most delicious dishes of the world
New year is perhaps the most anticipated holiday around the world. He enveloped real magic, incredible miracles and amazing traditions. And what would the tradition of celebrating in different parts…