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Meatless meals – recipes for every day

According to Christian tradition during lent is spiritual and physical purification, one gains peace of mind, the man filled with bright thoughts and feelings. The post spiritual and physical are closely linked, and are complementary – voluntary restriction in the diet and abstinence from certain kinds of food must be combined with spiritual improvement and strengthening of the spirit. All posts that are associated with significant Orthodox holidays, can be one-day and multi-day, and rigor in consumed food are divided into certain degrees:

strict post any food excluded, allowed only the use of water;

“xerophagy” vegetable uncooked cold food, oil is excluded, and drink only when not heated;

“with adenium svarene” – vegetarian hot food without adding oils;

“with adenium svarene – oil” – plant hot food with vegetable oil;

“with adenium fish” dishes from vegetable products and fish oil supplemented.

Lean food contributes to effective cleansing and healing of the body, but at the same time a strict fast is not always recommended for children, some elderly and sick people. In any case – in the presence of chronic pathologies and deviations in work of internal organs of the body is not superfluous to bodypositive with your doctor, especially to many days of abstinence in the diet. Meatless meals can be quite unusual and varied – each owner may pre-define a full menu for your family every day from a simple set of products. Here are a few options quite nutritious and simple recipes meatless dishes that don’t require special skills, effort and time-consuming.

Meatless meals – easy recipes for every day:

vegetable salad – boil until cooked pre-soaked beans, sliced mushrooms fry in butter with half rings of onions until light Golden brown, peeled boiled potatoes and fresh cucumbers cut into small cubes. Mix all ingredients in a salad bowl, add a little vegetable oil, salt and pepper according to individual taste;

meatless meatballs – fourth of the average head of cabbage to boil in the water pricolino (10min.), skip in a meat grinder and wring out, mix with rubbed garlic and onions, finely chopped greens, prisolit and add the flour, semolina and spices. The resulting mixture was formed into small cakes, sprinkle with breadcrumbs, fry until cooked in any vegetable oil;

vegetable pilaf in a pot of cast iron (pot) pour a small amount of sunflower oil, add half the onions first, then chopped julienne carrots, fry a few minutes on high heat, add the salt, raisins and pepper, mix well. Top, sand washed rice (half pan), pour water to cover the rice by 3-4cm, after the water has evaporated to form a mountain of rice, on top of carefully put the prunes, infuse for half an hour under cover;

spinach soup in a deep pan put the chopped onion and celery, grated carrots and a little fry in oil, add chopped spinach and simmer for about fifteen minutes. Steamed vegetables and cubes raw potatoes put in boiling water, spices and salt to add according to your taste. Fifteen minutes later the soup is ready;

corn porridge burnt in the pan cornmeal to fill in an enamel pan, pour boiling water, boil on low heat, stir until thickens. Before readiness add the soaked chopped dried fruit (prunes, dried apricots), a little butter and sugar, wrap and let stand about half an hour;

pies with potatoes – flour ( 4) and dry yeast (5gr.) mix, add half teaspoon salt and any vegetable oil (100 g), pour warm water. Mix the dough and leave it under the towel again in half an hour to stretch, and when the dough is ready to shape into a sausage and cut into equal pieces, then knead into pellets. As filling use mashed potatoes with fried onions. Distribute the stuffing evenly in the center of the tortilla and carefully fold them, Saleev edges and form the pie. Fry until Golden brown on each side in vegetable oil;

ginger tea in the teapot put a few spoons of powdered green tea, a pinch of crushed cinnamon, chopped ginger slices, two slices of lemon, a big spoonful of honey, pour hot water (not boiling) water, infuse for ten minutes.

Lenten menu for each day can be a very useful and tasty – all depends on your abilities, desires and fantasies. During the fasting period provided a great opportunity to cleanse ourselves spiritually and physically, as well as to diversify the diet of relatives and friends, to try new healthy meals to strengthen the body and replenish it with vitamins.

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