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What to cook for Christmas

Christmas and New year are two of the most anticipated and favorite holiday of the year. Despite the fact that Christmas toreligion the feast, he is equally revered and celebrated, as believers, and those who themselves do not consider such.

For first this holiday is a symbol of faith. For others, Christmas is a break from routine and stay with family.

But for all people, regardless of their religion, Christmas is a favorite family holiday, which symbolizes warmth, light, new hope and optimism.

Christmas traditions

This holiday has long been customary to gather the whole family at the holiday table. There are many traditions associated with the celebration of Christmas.

And main from them — a generous, rich and delicious holiday table. It is desirable that the table was abundant with meals not only at Christmas but during the following week, then, beyond belief, the whole year the house will be full Cup, and in the family will be peace, love and prosperity.

According to ancient Christmas traditions, in Christmas day, the owners of the house must be welcoming and hospitable to all who come to visit them. Previously it was decided to invite to the table and feed their fill even of sluchaynostey, looked at the light.

It has been the hostess in advance prepare for this holiday, thinking about what to have for Christmas, how to serve your Christmas table and surprise your guests.

The celebration of Christmas traditionally consists of two parties: Svyatvecher (January 6) and Christmas (7 January). Therefore, the question of what to cook for Christmas, cannot be answered unequivocally.

In the preparation of the Christmas menu it is necessary to consider that on the first day of the holiday on the table must be exclusively meatless meals, preferably 12, and the second day on a festive table it is necessary to add also a variety of meat dishes, because that day, the table should be hearty and rich.

Now let’s make a list of dishes that can be prepared on Christmas Eve and on Christmas.

Christmas menu

Meatless Christmas dishes on Christmas eve (12 dishes )

The first meal takes place on Christmas Eve, or in other words, Christmas eve. According to tradition, this day is the last day of advent, because taken eat nothing a whole day.

Sit at the table after the first star appears in the sky is a sign that he was born the Son of God. Before you start Christmas dinner, you need to light a candle and pray.

On Christmas eve the table is common to have 12 meatless Christmas dishes as much as the Apostles of Christ. The main dishes are kutya and uzvar .

Christmas kutia is a traditional dish that usually consists of wheat, millet, rye or rice, and prepared with raisins, poppy seeds, honey and candied fruit. Variations of this Christmas food very much, each family has its own recipe Kuti .

Uzvar is a compote which is cooked of dried fruits: plums, apples, pears.

To prepare the vinaigrette, fried fish. meatless cabbage rolls. dumplings with potatoes. baked apples, vegetable stew, salad of red cabbage, stewed cabbage with mushrooms, meatless borsch with mushrooms. buckwheat pancakes.

There is a Christmas belief, according to which, it is necessary to try all the dishes but none of them can be completely eaten — then throughout the year the house will always be food.

Christmas food for Christmas

The next morning begin to celebrate Christmas.

The table should be abundant and rich. On this day Christmas fasting dishes are served with meat dishes. In the center of the table put, as a rule, meat from poultry or pork, roasted whole: traditionally, it is a duck, at least — goose. baked chicken. or suckling pig .

Also at the Christmas table must be present dishes and snacks of fish: this can be a well-known fish in aspic. stuffed pike. or for example, fish roll salmon .

On the holiday table usually put pickles such as pickles, sauerkraut. marinated mushrooms, etc. Often there are also pancakes with various fillings.

If we talk about baking, Christmas table be sure to prepare a variety of pies, cupcakes, Christmas cookies. honey cakes and traditional Christmas carols.

Of the pies you can, for example, to cook a famous Russian pie, Apple pie. or pumpkin pie. Original and tasty is to roll the Christmas log is the traditional French Christmas dessert.

Christmas table setting

If you follow the old Christmas traditions, the festive table should be covered with hay. After it is already possible to lay the tablecloth. It is best to use white linen or cotton. Well, if you have embroidered Christmas tablecloth. In Christmas eve on the table, put the Christmas dishes 12, center — sochivo and stewed fruit.

You can decorate the table with an arrangement of cones, pine branches and mountain ash or cranberry. In the center put a candle ready composition obviative ribbon is red.

Can this flower arrangement to put on the towel with folk symbolism, pre-Mat it on the table.

I hope this article helped you find the answer to the question of what to cook for Christmas.

Delicious and merry Christmas!

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