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Hot appetizer baguette – recipe

This starter is called the appetizer more, but really – this is just the perfect quick dinner to whip up lunch or, if you popped home for a bit, and to eat really want, and something hot, then this option is just ideal for you in this situation. Or maybe you’re just tired came home from work and feed the whole family something necessary, like a baguette with stuffing, and baked fish sandwiches. will become for you a real gem: tasty, hearty and simple. So, let’s start.

The ingredients for the recipe:

Baguette – 1 PC.;

Ham – 400 g.;

Cheese – 200 gr.;

Bulgarian pepper – 1 PC.;

Parsley – to taste;

Garlic – 2 cloves;

Egg – 1 PC.;

Mayonnaise – to taste;

Vegetable oil – to taste;

Salt – to taste;

Freshly ground pepper, to taste.

Method of preparation:

First, take a baguette, divide it into three or four parts, depending on its length. Then each piece cut lengthwise, and make two halves. Then these halves, take out the crumb, but keeping to the edges of the baguette are approximately the layer one centimeter in thickness.

Now proceed to the preparation of toppings. Take the bell pepper, wash it, remove the seeds and partitions, then cut it into small cubes, then in a pan pour vegetable oil and prozharivaem pepper for four minutes.

The ham should be cut into strips, and RUB cheese on large or medium grater. Greens wash and dry, then finely chop. Next, combine the ham, roasted peppers, cheese and greens, all carefully knead.

Now take the bowls and break an egg in there, shake it a bit and add in a lot of ham, so only the mass did not become liquid. It is possible that some eggs will remain. Now put back the sour cream or mayonnaise, and again mix.

Then take a baking dish or baking sheet, coat it with oil and put our baguette, filling it with stuffing. Then bake in the oven for fifteen minutes, at a temperature of one hundred and eighty degrees.

Now quick, tasty dinner is ready. Bon appétit!

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