10 most dangerous meals of the world
Exotic travel is getting more and more popular. Unexplored parts of the world, rare animals and ... exotic dishes. What pushes people to risk their lives to try exotic dishes?…

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Meals from the remnants of the festive table
At the end of the meal every woman is concerned about only one issue — what to do with the leftover food after the Banquet. To throw — to be…

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Simple salads quick
The most simple vegetable salads Women are now often very busy — who on the job who lots of kids who do both. Time to spare, and to feed the…

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Tasty snacks for the new year

Avocados with Roquefort.


Avocado – 2 PCs. Roquefort Cheese – 150 g Butter – 100 g white Wine – 50 ml.

Chopped tarragon – 1 tsp. Sour cream – 3 tablespoons. Ground red pepper. Capers – 6 PCs.

– avocado, pre-washed, cut in half, remove the pit and remove the peel. The flesh is cut into large cubes, preferably of the same size.

– on a coarse grater grate the fresh cheese of the Roquefort and mix with the pre-softened butter.

– add the wine, tarragon and sour cream. After thorough mixing, the resulting mass is placed in the mixer. Beat in a mixer until a homogeneous consistency.

– homogeneous curd (using culinary syringe) superimposed on top of the diced avocado, then season with red pepper and garnish with capers.

– before serving on the table, for convenience, in every piece stick a wooden skewer.

Mushroom appetizer with cream cheese.


Flour – 100 g Egg – 5 PCs Milk – 200 ml Onions – 1 PC. Garlic – 1 clove. Oil Rast. – 3 tablespoons. The boiled mushrooms – 300 g Tomatoes – 2 PCs Cheese – 200 g hard Cheese – 100 g Sage, thyme (mix) – 5 g ground black Pepper. Sol.

– prepare testo bake pancakes. to do this, mix the flour, milk and eggs, add salt.

– clean the onions and garlic finely and fry in the pan. Finely cut boiled mushrooms and also add them to the pan. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, fry until ready.

– sauteed mushrooms spread on each pancake. Pancakes turn into the rolls.

my tomatoes and cut into slices

– cheese durum grate on a coarse grater.

in curd add the egg yolks, the mixture of sage and thyme, salt and pepper to taste, and mix all.

– put the pancakes in the pan, greased, on top of pancakes covered with cheese, then layer from circles of tomato, and sprinkle all the cheese.

– place in oven and bake until done.

Beautiful meats can become a real decoration of the festive table. Anyway, a little Banquet or buffet table can be imagined without meat. Fortunately, in the last century gone those…


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