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Quick and tasty snacks

It is considered that preparing holiday meals very tedious. Indeed, for many of the snacks that are usually served at the celebration, require exotic ingredients and time to cook out a lot. At the same time, there are many simple recipes of snacks for the festive table, which is characterized by high taste qualities, and are prepared easily and quickly.

How to simplify the cooking of the snacks?

As a rule, for preparing cold snacks required finished industrial products. The role of the hostess is to ensure that the release of these products from packaging, beautifully cut and arrange on plates. Such operations take no more than an hour, and on the table is a beautiful appetizer: meat, fish or cheese.

Mixing finished products and the preparation of complex foods – a lesson more creative, but the time it takes more. So if time is short, and no food processor, it is necessary to abandon the preparation of multi-component type of salad “Olivier”. However, there are many salads on the basis of canned vegetables (peas, corn, beans) that are cooked very quickly. To recipes appetizers and salads can be used creatively, refusing certain ingredients in favor of other, more easy to prepare. Of course, the taste of golovogrud from this change, but it is likely that only the better. It should be remembered that guests are unlikely to appreciate the multicomponent composition of the salad, but will surely be delighted by unusual and delicious combinations of ingredients.

One of the simplest and at the same time, spectacular snacks for the festive table – stuffed eggs. Eggs are boiled and cut in half. The yolk of the egg mixed with finely chopped ham or salt fish, or just mayonnaise and garlic, then the mixture obtained is filled with protein eggs. This snack on the table looks very elegant, and the cooking takes no more than an hour, including cooking time for eggs.

No matter how simple the fare, and how little time was left before the celebration, it is advisable to pay attention to and spectacular dishes. Usually, the decor of snacks is not difficult, if you use it for a bright, fresh and cooked vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Hot appetizers can be simple, such as hot sandwiches with ham, cheese and tomatoes, fried mozzarella or grilled vegetables, sprinkled with aromatic cheese. All these snacks are very easy and quickly prepared, but give our guests a lasting impression.

Reception a La fourchette

The most popular form of receiving guests on today is the traditional feast and buffet. The latter option is useful if a large number of invited guests, which will be crowded at the usual table. It should be noted that at the cocktail party snacks play a leading role, so you need to prepare enough amount of varied foods.

Organization buffet table is quite simple. All sorts of cold snacks and matching drinks are exhibited on a long table. Guests several times a night come to the table, choose their favorite dishes and moving away from the table, giving the opportunity to others. In order not to create a buffet table of a crowd, it is expedient to make more of these snacks that can be taken by hand. Such snacks include a variety of sandwiches-canapés, appetizers on skewers, shortbread and puff pastry vol-AU-vents with salads and small cakes, rolls of pita and other Goodies. It is desirable that all the snacks were small and combined with each other in taste and aroma.

Additionally, on the buffet table be sure to put the sliced breads and butter portions. As guests will ravage meals, snacks should be replenished. On the table there should be a sufficient amount of paper napkins and clean plates and glasses. Snacks on the table made abundantly decorated with sculptured cut vegetables, fruits and berries. Appropriate decor on the table between meals with snacks you can arrange a vase of flowers and candlesticks with candles. It is only important that the decorations do not interfere with the guests.

The most simple recipes of snacks for the buffet table

Tarts at the snack table is simply indispensable. They can bake their own, but it is much easier to buy ready-made. Stuff those baskets can be anything. For example, a salad of boiled shrimp and squid, seasoned with a small amount of mayonnaise. Especially effectively looks like this salad, if you decorate it with red caviar, which always looks elegant and creates a festive mood.

You are ready to fill tartlets with chopped eggs, mixed with butter, and top to decorate “the rose” from light-salted salmon and a sprig of parsley. A good stuffing will serve as a dried pickled or salted mushrooms, dressed with a small amount of mayonnaise and sprinkled with herbs. A variety of salads, cheese, ham, smoked meat or tongue will be in harmony with the tartlets.

Easy to prepare and look great on your Desk or stuffed in small tomatoes. With tomatoes you need to cut off the top and remove the pulp with a spoon, then fill tomato cheese salad with garlic or feta cheese with herbs, or cottage cheese with a spoonful of pesto sauce.

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