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The most delicious dishes for the New year
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The most delicious dishes for the New year

How to decorate a room for the New year? What toys to decorate the Christmas tree this year? What gifts to buy relatives? What, in the end, list holiday menu? Such questions plagued every year each hostess a few weeks before the magic of the holiday. For example, with the first four problems you figure it out, but by the fifth part, we are ready to give you some practical advice. Because of the holiday table depends not only the overall mood of the company, but the magic of the festive atmosphere, and prosperity in the coming year.

According to the Eastern calendar, a symbol is considered to be 2016 fire Monkey. This means that the dishes on the Christmas table must conform to the habits of this animal. Everything from the color palette and to flavors – should carefully consider and plan.

A tasty dish for the New year

Given that the mascot prefers only fresh and light products from heavy and fatty Christmas dishes should be abandoned. Perfect ingredients in such times will be vegetables, herbs, fruits, dairy products, chicken, veal and seafood. Please note, the more space on your Desk is a green culinary masterpieces, the easier Obesiance will contribute to your uspehov the New year.

So the first thing you should care unusual snacks. One of the best Christmas dishes on 2016, of course, considered “French cheese balls with herbs”. Giving guests a treat, you and Monkey will delight and rave reviews you hear.

No less tasty dish for the New year – “Tartlets with mousse of herring”. After preparing them, you manage to avoid the annoying presence of herring on the holiday table.

The next item requiring special attention such as salads. We offer you to try unique and extravagant creation of “Orange salad”. The dish is an incredible way combines a few simple ingredients and complex spicy dressing.

A smooth transition from salads to hot, we recommend that you next culinary masterpiece. “Veal with puree of quince” – a tasty dish for the New year, perfect as a symbol of 2016, and any holiday company.

New year’s dish

Even if the main part of the menu you made correctly and original, poorly-chosen dessert can ruin your meal. After all, New year is a time of miracles, fulfillment of desires and a lot of the best sweets. Therefore, when deciding on the recipe, should exercise extraordinary caution.

Given the trends of next year and preferences of today’s society have the courage to recommend to you ” Trifl with granola, raspberries, cream and fresh marshmallows in the glass “. Probably you have noticed that the recipe is not really typical for this holiday. We hasten to assure you, this dessert is incredibly delicious, flavorful and crispy.

Necessary ingredients:

oat flakes – 300 g

mixed nuts – 100 g

coconut shavings – 25g

maple syrup – 80-100 g

butter – 2 tbsp

vegetable oil – 2 tbsp

cinnamon – 0.5 tsp.

salt – 0.25 tsp


cream 35% – 200 g

sour cream – 2 tbsp

fresh or frozen raspberries

raspberry sauce

marshmallows or marshmallow

Method of preparation

At the first stage of preparation is worth turning the oven on 180 C for heating. Next, grab your ingredients: cereal, chopped nuts, coconut, mix with cinnamon, salt and vanilla sugar.

In a separate bowl, mix vegetable oil, melted butter and maple syrup. The resulting mass to connect with the oat mixture and spread on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper.

Bake granola until Golden, stirring occasionally. Don’t get too long to keep the mixture in the oven, otherwise it will start to taste bitter.

Cream, mixed with yogurt or sour cream, soak 12 hours at room temperature, and then put it in the fridge. Marshmallows chopped in medium pieces.

Assemble the dessert as follows: 1st layer – granola, 2 – cream, 3 – cream mixed with raspberries and sauce, 4 – raspberry, 5 – marshmallows 6 – cream 7- granola, 8 – cream sauces, 9th – marshmallows, 10th – raspberries. Try to create thin layers, in the other case the dessert may be unable to fit into the glass.

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