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Exotic Asian vegetables

Let’s start with the basics. Asparagus beans . Cost a penny, you can fry, boil, stew. Arina loves them, as well as Filipinos, Vietnamese and Thais. They eat them almost every day. Once I saw these beans on the market in Mariupol. Here even I do not know whether they are in Ukraine began to grow, whether brought from somewhere.

Asian eggplants . Differ from ours only by the shape – thinner and longer, there are small and round like tomatoes. Of them get the same eggplant caviar, like at home. Even in the Philippines, many kinds zucchini, vaguely similar to ours.

And to the right of the eggplant vegetable that can ruin any dish in the eyes of Europeans. But Asians really. Bitter Chinese melon . The first time we tried it in Vietnam… You ever had to chew a bitter pill? The feelings are very similar.

How many varieties of cabbage you know? Cabbage, Chinese, broccoli, cauliflower, red cabbage, Brussels sprouts And all…? Then I’m ready to replenish your knowledge. Meet Asian cabbage pan-Choi . It is also called celery cabbage or mustard. It can be eaten raw or fried in butter with garlic. I love the second option. In addition, in the cabbage just 18 calories per 100 grams, so if you do not overdo the oil, poluchaetsya diet dinner.

Okra or okra. In the Philippines, this vegetable is sold in a bundle of 5 pieces. It complements the dish in which it is placed. Due to its stickiness and stickiness, binds together everything in the pan. Young okra in salads are eaten raw. There are many vitamins and ascorbic acid. I do not like okra in any form, but I’m not Asian foodie, so with me and there is no demand.

You’ve learned that mango is a fruit and eat it for dessert? What can you say about unripe green mango . It’s a bit tart and sour, but if it’s properly cooked, then the salad with green mango difficult to break. Filipinos eat it cut into quite thick plate, eating shrimp paste. Personally, I prefer the Thai version. Thin plate, doused in olive oil with lime, sugar and soy sauce. Too rich taste can be a bit dim cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, rice, or transparent noodles.

The bean sprouts . In Asia they eat hundreds of thousands of tons every day. In Ho Chi Minh city I saw how they are grown. The aunty in the next house gave the garden right on your balcony in clay pots. Without soy sprouts it is impossible to cook Vietnamese soup Pho, Thai Pad Thai and many other Asian Goodies. Caution! 100 grams has 141 calories.

Papaya is another two-faced Janus. Ripe – sweet dessert, while unripe – vegetable for frying or sautéing. By the way, cooked resembles our potatoes. Who knows, I will say that the potatoes in the Asia – exotic, so can cost up to $2 dollars per kilo. Papaya and a few vegetables we replace it quite bearable. Read interesting facts in Wikipedia: papaya softens the meat, treat worms and prevent viral infection.

Once I prepared a dish of banana inflorescence . But then I really didn’t know anything about this product (here’s how to call it – flower?).

Was not very tasty. The Philippine performance of the banana flower looks very appetizing. For example, it is in the national dish “Kare-Kare” in a duet with boiled ox tails, peanut flavored sauce. The secret is to leave it half-baked, not seethe in mashed potatoes.

Hairy potatoes and other roots. I used to think that all this variety of sweet potato sweet potato. But it turned out that it is not. And if you buy exactly the same, only not hairy, it is the sweet potato. If to fry, especially with onions or mushrooms, from conventional potatoes can not be distinguished. Maybe just a little more dry and sweet. But it’s stuff.

Mexican chayote or cucumber . Inside is a large bone that needs to be removed. Chayote fried together with other vegetables, meats or pickled. Also his stuff as we pepper, we put raw in salads. It has a lot of starch, so eating large quantities is not conducive to harmony.

Still some flowers, which are not put in a vase, and eat is pumpkin blossoms. We ate large quantities of them in Vietnam, a month when lived in the hotel and were forced to eat in a restaurant where no one understood English. You may remember this story? These flowers are not remarkable, except that in the plate look nice.

In the Philippines, this vegetable is called malunggay. Translated from Tagalog to English – horse radish tree . some kind of hell. Used as a condiment, is good in combination with these leaves.

Completely separate dishes in Asian cuisine can be all kinds of herbs. For example, water spinach . We ate ten pounds of it in Vietnamese restaurants. Usually fried together with garlic, tear the leaves from the twigs, but in the end eating all together. As for me, a great side dish.

Another weed in Tagalog is called sigarillas. I have translated this in English as star beans within beans . These stems put in the meat, fish or shrimp broth at the end. Cook for 5 minutes, then become bitter.

What season their dishes Asians? Of course, it is chili peppers, Basil, shallots, ginger and his brother, the root of galangan.

Predominates in the Kingdom seasonings lemon grass – lemongrass . Without fail my favorite Thai soup Tom Yam. This is one of their main ingredients. Asians add the lemon grass in soups and gravies, marinades. It gives the dish a slight citrus aroma. Usually, remove the top leaves and cut in small cubes or mash and put in a pot associated flagellum. Sorghum serves only as a source of pleasant smell, it is not necessary.

In one of the following posts continuing the story with new year’s market in Puerto Princess. I will tell you about Asian seafood. sea urchins, snails, shells, colorful fish, giant prawns, squid and octopus. don’t miss out.

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