Quick, delicious and beautiful salads
Let's start with the salads "the Snows of Siberia." Necessary ingredients: fifty grams of prunes, three medium beets, one onion, half Cup cranberries, two hundred and fifty grams of ham…

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Exotic Asian vegetables
Let's start with the basics. Asparagus beans . Cost a penny, you can fry, boil, stew. Arina loves them, as well as Filipinos, Vietnamese and Thais. They eat them almost…

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Tasty salad with crab sticks
This tasty salad with crab sticks I occasionally prepare yourself to cheer up, when you vzgrustnut. Because this salad calls a consistent Association with childhood, when the fashion for crab…

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Unusual dishes of the world

British newspaper the Times (the famous newspaper in the world) has published a list of the most unusual delicacies of the world. In the first place was the fried tarantula. Second place went to the Japanese puffer fish, the poison of which is 1250 times more toxic than potassium cyanide: it should eat only in expensive restaurants, where chefs own special technique of evaporation of toxins. In third place was the ortolan: a bird traditionally killed, soaked in Armagnac and then baked by a special recipe. To try the dish in France. Fourth place went to the meat Petrel (Iceland), fifth Australian crocodile steak, the sixth – chicken, cooked in the egg (Cambodia), and the seventh Chinese snake meat.

Strange, in our opinion the food eaten around the world, and it’s not the whole list, as described above, it is only the most popular exotic cuisine. And what about in other countries? Strange and even creepy cuisine is famous for Asia, in America too, there are a couple, and even in Europe we find these “delicacies”.

The bat is a very valuable dish in Asia. A dish is not cheap and is a real delicacy. You can taste it in Fiji, and other Asian countries, they say that it tastes like chicken. Mouse chopped into pieces and boiled in water with salt.

Pork brains traditionnelle Belarus, Ukraine and Central Russia. They even Africans not surprise, because their menu includes fried brains of monkeys. Even brains are canned, pre-wymogu in milk. According to the label, in the same tank 150 calories, 5 grams of fat, 3500 mg of cholesterol, 1170% of the recommended daily value.

Popular in Norway and Sweden the dish lutefisk is a fish a jelly-like mass with a sharp, unpleasant odor. Preparing the “delicacy” is relatively simple: dried fish, often cod or haddock, three days soaked in a solution of caustic soda, and then another few days in water. Renowned culinary critic Jeffrey Steingarten described the dish: “Lutefisk is not food, and weapons of mass destruction. This is an example of food, the taste which is like nothing on earth, but it causes such strong emotions that literally sends the person to a knockout”.

Hagis . our Haggis is prepared in Scotland. Is the dish itself crushed and boiled mutton in the stomach heart, lungs and liver of the animal.

Escamoles is a Mexican dish, which is a edible larvae of one species of giant black Liometopum ant, which lays eggs in the roots of the agave. The process of collecting eggs is pretty nasty, because spiders are very poisonous. Its consistency the eggs of ants like cheese is surprisingly tasty, a bit oily and nutty. Most often escamoles eat with tacos and guacamole.

Grasshoppers are eating in the USA, in Missouri, but in Cambodia, fried grasshoppers is one of the most popular dishes. Eat fried grasshoppers, hot is better, soy or fish sauce, liberally sprinkling red hot pepper. The head and feet separate the viscera. Feet – food for everybody, they are edible, but are unusually long, so it’s impossible to swallow without biting each in half first. Fans argue that grasshoppers taste somewhat reminiscent of fried potatoes with a creamy, slightly sweet flavor.

We all know that tarantulas are venomous, but they also eat in Cambodia. Before cooking the tarantulas poisonous fangs removed. Legs, abdomen and poisonous jaws separately insist on the rice wine – it turns dark brown turbid liquid, which raises the overall tone. Fried tarantulas in this country are considered to be a noble delicacy, almost like caviar to us.

In Java and Sumatra unusual drink civet coffee . This unusual drink is prepared from beans that are partially digested in the stomach Indonesian cats. According to the legend, there is such kind of coffee due to human laziness. It’s much easier to collect the droppings of animals than fruit from the coffee tree. Grains that have passed through the digestive tract of the Indonesian civet, or luvky, harvested manually in the forest. At this point they are like fragments of peanuts in the future cleaning them and lightly fry.

Fugu is a traditional, very popular dish in Japan. The fish is cooked the dish, contains a lethal dose of tetrodotoxin, the concentration of which should be reduced to an acceptable during the cooking process. Fugu is considered a delicacy, as it is used to “tickle their nerves,” and to obtain a light euphoric effect induced by the residual amount remaining in the dish of poison. The ingestion of improperly prepared fugu can be life-threatening. Therefore, for the preparation of fugu in restaurants special, since 1958, Japanese chefs have to undergo special training and obtain a license. In the past, in Japan there was a tradition according to which in case of poisoning fugu chef who prepared the dish, had to eat (or to commit ritual suicide).

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