10 most dangerous meals of the world
Exotic travel is getting more and more popular. Unexplored parts of the world, rare animals and ... exotic dishes. What pushes people to risk their lives to try exotic dishes?…

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Unusual dishes of the world
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10 most disgusting dishes

If you are hungry now or plan to eat in the near future, we strongly encourage you not to look this post. Today we bring you the top ten most disgusting foods.

1. Opalgem, he’s rotten reindeer.

Absolute winner in our ranking. Sometimes instead it appears the whale, the seal (civic) or walrus. The mutilated corpses of animals love to eat almost all the Northern Nations. In Scandinavia eat the dead sharks. Recipes of this wonderful dish in different Nations differ little from each other – the animal buried in the ground, and after a few months dig. By this time the putrefactive bacteria make soft fabric in gray, slimy mass. Opalgem deadly to Europeans due to ptomaine – cadaverine, putrescine and neurine.

2. Escamoles

Escamoles is a larvae of ants of the genus Liometopum, found on the roots of the agave. In Mexican cuisine, escamoles are considered a delicacy, sometimes referred to as “the caviar of insects”. This dish with the consistency of cottage cheese tastes like oil, with a nutty flavor. To get escamoles, you need to dig to a depth of 8 meters, where ant nests are full of larvae. According to one of the collectors of larvae: “the miners of escamoles is a special man with a brush, notoryctidae with them ants as they dig. I’ve heard that some coated in pork fat, through which the ants can’t bite”. It should be noted that the ant bites are extremely painful, so this work may well relate to the category of extreme.

3. Surstromming

Surstromming — Swedish national product of a canned fermented herring that smells so that is usually because of the stench and eat it outdoors. Recent this dish next. A gutted herring, but with the Appendix and the caviar is placed in vats of brine to remove blood and fat. Then herring salted, placed in open dishes and left to sour. During this process its own enzymes and bacteria to form, among others, propionic, butyric and acetic acid, and hydrogen sulfide. Then the herring are placed in cans. The fish continues to struggle and after signing in to the Bank. Therefore, Swedish foodies recommend to open the jar under water or on the street, because there is a risk to splash all around juice. Usually make a sandwich with surstromming and other ingredients. Served with boiled potatoes and chopped onions. Other common ingredients are gräddfil (fat fermented milk or sour cream), green onions, and sometimes tomatoes.

4. Balut

Filipensky national fast food. Taken duck egg with an almost formed duck, and then cooked. Then, in shell holes, through which you can drink are ready stock. Sometimes the merchant takes the street food to the balota salt and onion sauce. Despite the presence of a fetus, balut taste like normal egg.

5. Century-old eggs

Hundred year eggs are a Chinese cuisine dish of duck, chicken or quail eggs that are incubated in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, lime and rice straw during the period from several weeks to several months. After the process, the yolk becomes a dark green, cream, with a strong odor of sulphur and ammonia, rotten egg, while the protein becomes dark brown, transparent jelly with a barely perceptible aroma and taste. A century eggs can be eaten on their own and sliced as ingredients for Chinese dishes. But whichever way you choose — you still eat a rotten egg.

6. Natto

Japan is the homeland of all the strange things in our world, starting with advertising, TV shows, to the national products. Here, for example, natto – fermented soy beans. In Chan added Bacillus subtilis, and begins the fermentation process. During the day, turns from soy beans in a good solid slimy filamentous mass with a strong odor of ammonia. The taste of natto for unknown reasons does not meet the smell – bitter and salty.

7. Soup blood

In Vietnamese the dish is called tiết canh. It’s made from fresh blood of ducks, geese or pigs with the addition of nuts and fragrant herbs. The soup is popular in Northern Vietnam, where it is consumed with alcoholic beverages. Soup of fresh blood has a very strange texture and a strange metallic taste. Tourists usually advise against its use because of the risk of infection with avian influenza H5N1.

8. Eye tuna

Eyes just gigantic, slimy in appearance and not at all condusive to a good meal, opens a rating of the most terrifying delicacies, humouring the desires of gourmets. It is a miracle of culinary art can only be found in Japan that is not a reason for disappointment. The only possible way to eat that slime-covered glass-like thing immediately to swallow, once it hit you in the mouth, and to try more of her not to remember. Otherwise the consequences will be very predictable.

9. Seal, stuffed seagulls

One of the finest dishes subarctic peoples, put on the Christmas table. Civiak, the so-called carcass of a seal, stuffed seagulls, and here’s the recipe of its preparation for those wishing to sample: Need headless seal carcass, trimmed of the belly which is filled already plucked gulls. Prefabricated to fit seven months in the permafrost. During this time the enzymes decaying bird corpses will bother with seal guts. The dish is ready to eat. To taste simsecret winged and pinnipeds like the sharp, sharp old cheese.

10. The “three squeals rat”

Another exotic Chinese dish can be called a favorite Chinese dish of noblemen, called the “Three squeals rat”. For its preparation only need one sauce and one of the pregnant rat. Rat embryos served on a plate alive. The first squeak of a rat makes when gourmet takes his chopsticks, the second time dipped in sauce. The third and final squeak is heard when the rat start chewing. This dish was inspired by the many great Chinese poets. And without exception, all the Chinese emperors used to enjoy this luxury on special occasions.

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