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Vietnam. The Vietnamese and the sea. Almost by Hemingway

The fish markets of Asia is an unforgettable experience. Exploring Vietnam Elena Mikulchik, a food critic and columnist Holiday in another “live” show and tell about what not buy in Minsk shops and tasted in the local restaurants – fresh fish and all sorts of “marine reptiles” of all stripes. For many, the possibility of such revelry the soul of “river-sea” can be a reason right now to pick out the best tours to Vietnam. Get acquainted with the denizens of the deep that will get you hooked!

Geography is a useful thing, even for the most dedicated of blondes and I again look at the map of Vietnam. This country is bordered on the West by Laos and Cambodia, on the North by China, and the East and the South China sea, which flow into larger rivers the City and the Mekong river. I mean that in the coastal areas you can find a huge amount of fish and seafood. What is more important for the Vietnamese after rice, is of course fish. But they have a special relationship – the average Vietnamese acknowledges only fresh fish, most often fried, in extreme cases, as an ingredient for rice pancake “him” or soup with rice noodles “Pho”. With dried, salted, dried fish that we love so much, they do it brutally: it can be found in restaurant menus and on the tables of ordinary vietnamnews fried. There is the Vietnamese dish as salted, dried and then fried fish. Where it is prepared, to understand just a very specific smell, but it is food for a local in the tourist area of the proposal is somewhat different. Apparently, an enterprising Vietnamese realized that the tourists smell better such not to scare, so the resorts you can find everything from deep sea fresh: this is a different kinds of shrimp, lobster, squid, octopus, crabs, mussels, clams and, of course, a huge range of fish. There are familiar species such as bass, mackerel, you can also taste shark, Barracuda and eel.

In the resorts you can find anything from the depths of the sea fresh

His choice was stopped on the shark. If someone is fearful of that thing, the best way to get rid of him, to eat shark. I admit, shark meat is not news to me, before on the shelves of the Minsk shops you could find it with no problems. Know four super recipe original cooking sharks. If someone tell me where in Minsk you can buy the shark, I’ll share all four recipes.

Meanwhile, the shark is very pleasant to the taste and has only one spine bone, which greatly facilitates the process of consumption.

The shark is very pleasant to the taste and has only one spinal bone

Do not be afraid of another scary creature – Barracuda. On your plate it will be in the form of very tasty fish dishes. As one tourist from Moscow, having tried the Barracuda, first eat it, it seems strange, but then you realize that it is delicious and so addicted that I want to repeat.

On the plate the Barracuda looks like a very delicious fish dish

After the neighborhoods and Barracuda wanted “out” and time to enjoy all the sea creatures. Here’s the grill and lobster (though quite small), and shrimp and crab, and clams, and delicate fish. The dish is served on banana leaves with rice, vegetables, lime and hot sauce.

It was delicious, made because the main rule of cooking seafood: they were the first, and the other just can’t be it, freshness. Jealous of myself.

The dish is served on banana leaves with rice, vegetables, lime and hot sauce

P. S. I Heard that one Russian brought dried fish “roach” as a present to his Vietnamese friend. So he had soaked the fish in water during the day, and then carefully vagary. According to the Vietnamese, Russians are wild people because they eat dried salted fish. By the way, and I managed to enjoy Vietnamese version of dried salted fried fish (to our ears the combination is illogical). In principle, not bad. But my Slavic soul would prefer all of this without roasting.

Vietnamese fried dried salty fish taste good, but the Slavic soul would prefer it without frying


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