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What you need to prepare for the New Year – what to cook

New year everyone expects, because it is a wonderful time of transformation, magic, gifts and a hearty feast. Only in this festival all the relatives gather at a beautifully set table and wish each other the best and nice wishes.

It is worth noting that for this event, many people prepare a huge number of different dishes that are special family recipes. However, not everyone knows about what should be served for new year’s table, and what better to abstain.

In order to understand what to prepare for the New Year, consider the basic rules of preparation of the festive table.

All practices should begin with the theory, and cooking is no exception. First you must choose the appropriate menu. After that it is recommended to draw up a detailed list of ingredients that you will need to prepare meals.

Necessary products it is desirable to divide into two categories: scoremortgage and those that can be stored for a long time. Recent products suggested to purchase well before the holidays. This is because the closer to the New year, the queues and the prices of productbut to grow with incredible speed that will bring you a lot of inconvenience.

Of course, each hostess wants to stand out and to cook this dish, which earlier never tried. However, experts highly recommend not to experiment with cooking for the New year. Because not always a new exotic dish turns out as the picture of the magazine. That is why you should prepare only those dishes, which you have repeatedly indulged my family. In addition, it is desirable to choose simple recipes, as sophisticated and refined desserts and salads you just may not be enough time.

Hot dish

Meat with potatoes

No Christmas feast is not complete without hot dishes. It should be noted that as this food is usually served hot meat with potatoes or rice. For example, the ideal option would serve stuffed duck, pork chops, boiled rooster, roasted legs of chickens, etc. in Addition, very often the new year’s table, the hostess cooked baked in foil salmon steaks or trout.

Some chefs serve only dishes such ingredients which are not connected with the symbol of the coming year. For example, in the year of the boar it is strictly forbidden to cook pork, in the year of the horse – horse, in the year of the rooster – chicken or Turkey etc.


Herring under a fur coat

Reflecting on the fact that you need to prepare for the New Year, first thing comes to mind is a huge basin filled with Olivier. And indeed this salad is very popular in our country. Because it is very nutritious, affordable and prepared quickly.

In addition to Olivier, on new year’s table necessarily there are salads and such, as herring under a fur coat, Mimosa, crab, etc. in order to give their dishes a distinctive taste and attractive appearance, some Housewives add exotic foods, replace regular fish overseas, and also form of salads Christmas characters. It should be noted that this method of serving dishes makes every meal an unusual and gives it a certain zest.



It is equally important to prepare for new year’s table and various snacks. It can be sandwiches with butter and caviar, pickled salmon, sprats, cheese, garlic, vegetables and other ingredients. In addition, as snacks very often serve a variety of meats from different types of sausages, beef tongue, pork, etc. are Also popular jellied minced meat, aspic, marinated mushrooms, cucumbers, tomatoes, pickled cabbage, thinly sliced lemon, canapés with cheese, olives and other products.

Usually, snacks are ideal for those people who drink on New Year’s shamanic, and vodka or brandy.


Christmas dessert

In most cases, celebrating New year with family, colleagues or friends, the matter before the dessert comes. However, this does not mean that it can not cook. Because you never know what will require capricious guest.

The perfect dessert for new year’s eve may prove to be tiramisu, home-made or bought cake, sweets, cakes, sweet fruits, etc.


Sparkling wine

It is considered that the traditional drink on New Year’s eve is champagne. And indeed under the midnight all the people drinking this sparkling wine. However, it should be noted that not everyone will agree all night to drink only one champagne. In connection with this fact, you should purchase such alcoholic beverages like vodka, cognac, Martini, etc. But before that it is desirable to specify in advance what exactly you would like to see on the table. This information will enable you not only to please their family and friends, but also considerably save your money.

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