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Meals from the remnants of the festive table

At the end of the meal every woman is concerned about only one issue — what to do with the leftover food after the Banquet. To throw — to be the top vulgarity and lack of business skills. Not many people know what kind of meals from the remnants of the holiday table can be prepared. However, no one suggests using the leftovers from the plates of guests is definitely in the trash. We are talking about perfectly edible hot dishes, meat cuts that are left on the serving dishes after the feast.

Remnants to give holiday dishes a second life is possible, but this does not apply to a variety of salads. Therefore, it is prudent to approach the formation of a special holiday menu and initially make small portions of salads, so that by the end of the meal they were as small as possible.

To predict the popularity of hot meat dishes as well as meats from the sausage almost impossible. Always remain trim that arise when making a meat dish, the remnants of a delicious roast or baked pork with which guests are unable to cope. Do I have to throw out so lovingly prepared meals? As always we have a way out and not even one.

Meals from the remnants of chicken, kebabs, sausages and other meat dishes

Salads made of meat remnants

If you asteriscus baked meat, whether veal, pork or lamb, you can use them for making a delicious salad of radish with meat and onions .

The recipe involves the use of a fried piece of beef. but who will forbid to put in the salad leftover baked ham or pork pieces cooked in the oven lamb. for example, legs baked with rosemary. There are the remains of ready-made kebab – it is not necessary to think of them to prepare. The remains of fried meat on the fire can also be used to prepare a salad of radish — flavor smoke gives it a unique touch.

Remnants of boiled or baked chicken (duck) can be used for the preparation of Caesar salad. Any remnants of sausage and meat can be added in ordinary meat salad, such as, for example, Olivier.

Soups from leftovers of sausage and meat

Elegant first course that allows you to use leftover meat is team meat Thistle. This is a great option for those who is the proud owner of a great number of meats, but does not know what to cook from the remnants of sausage and other meat.

To prepare the soup, you must like smoked meat (great way to recycle leftovers and cold cuts prepared in the oven Turkey breast ) and pieces of hot meat dishes, remaining on the sidelines. The more kinds of meat used to prepare soup, the tastier get soup. A hodgepodge of good and that is the so-called hangover soup, regenerating health after copious libations and lengthy feasts.

Bones from roasted poultry can be cooked delicious flavored broth, which was then used to prepare sauces, gravies and hearty soups with an intense flavor. Ready strain the broth and freeze – and at the right time you’ll have delicious stock cube, can enhance the taste of any dish.

The remains of the chicken perfectly will show itself in the quality of the meat ingredient in any soup, for example in a homemade noodles with mushrooms. The soup of duck bones, and the meat itself water can be used to cook hearty borscht.

The options of second dishes of scraps of meat

Meat leftovers can be used for cooking sauces, condiments and toppings for various kinds of pastes. If you keep a diet, then this option is best avoided, but you can treat is so nutritious and hearty meals with your loved ones.

The most popular option on the expanses of our vast country, are well-known pasta nautically. The recipe is simple as never scrolled in a meat grinder the meat (the remains of the ready shish kebab) mix with fried onion and boiled macaroni. Add black pepper, warm pasta with the meat in the pan for 3-5 minutes. Your men will be happy – more severe hearty can imagine.

Another option is meals from residues of meat sauce for pasta. Grind the meat, add zazharku of onions and carrots. Add a tablespoon of tomato paste, or two or three tablespoons of tomato puree or half a Cup of tomato juice. Boil the sauce for about five minutes, seasoning with your favorite spices to taste (thyme, rosemary or Abkhazian adjika). In the finished sauce put cooked pasta, stir and warm up for two minutes.

The third option pasta with meat residues, cannelloni. This is one of the varieties of Italian pasta – thick hollow tubes, to a length of five centimeters. They are boiled in water until half, and then from minced meat sauce baked in the oven. For stuffing you can use leftovers of meat dishes, fried onions, mushrooms. As a sauce – fill the tomato or Bechamel. In the first case, the sauce could use a pinch of Provencal herbs, in the second – finely grated cheese. Prepare in addition to this dish Italian appetizer using the classic recipe of the Caprese salad. and you get a delicious themed dinner.

Interesting snacks from meat residues

Any scraps of meat, sausages and baked poultry can be used for cooking casseroles, pies, meat loaves and soufflés.

The simplest and most popular options of disposal of the remnants of foods are all your favorite pizza and Shawarma. For cooking, you can use not only the remnants of sausages, grilled meats and kebabs. The composition of these dishes include vegetables and cheese. So there is a chance to put the miserable pieces of cheese and single slices of vegetables left over from the holiday feast.

The proposed variants only a small proportion of the variety of dishes from the remnants of the festive table, which can be prepared in postpregnancy period.

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