Meals from the remnants of the festive table
At the end of the meal every woman is concerned about only one issue — what to do with the leftover food after the Banquet. To throw — to be…

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Quick, delicious and beautiful salads
Let's start with the salads "the Snows of Siberia." Necessary ingredients: fifty grams of prunes, three medium beets, one onion, half Cup cranberries, two hundred and fifty grams of ham…

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The recipes are Delicious and Simple Salads for Every Day of the Week
One of the global dilemmas of our time — a balanced diet. The hostess usually restrict the diet of family and friends is the same simple dishes. Day after day…

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Delicious recipes

Cookies kurabe is a familiar taste from my childhood is relevant at all times. Crumbly shortbread biscuits with jam, you can also cook with nuts in our recipe is the almond. To prepare homemade cookies will be needed.

Today a useful article about how to cook buckwheat. Buckwheat is a favorite dish, but we need to know how to cook. From the article, you will learn how to cook buckwheat how to cook buckwheat and other useful.

What could be more delicious juicy Turkey in the oven, whole baked with fruits and vegetables. Great idea for a festive Christmas table. You will need the carcass of a Turkey, apples, pineapples, onions, oil or butter margarine.

Unusual and delicious Caesar salad with chicken is always a decoration for your Desk. For celebration and family dinner – this dish looks great and goes perfectly with any side dish. You will need chicken breast, croutons, mayonnaise.

How to make homemade cottage cheese? Hearty and healthy home-made cheese is perfect for morning Breakfast. 2 the proposed method of preparation of cottage cheese. Simple recipes from the available products, required.

What to cook on a festive table, a surprise guest at the new year’s eve 2016? Of course the decoration of any holiday table is a hot meat dish. Offer several not very difficult, but incredibly delicious.

What salad prigotovila Christmas table? Most decent option – layered salad with chicken “the General”! This original salad will win your guests and will adorn the festive table.Need not so.

Quickly and easily

How to make homemade cottage cheese? Hearty and healthy home-made cheese is perfect for the morning.

Everyone knows, for the day was full of energy you need to enjoy Breakfast and tight. Our Breakfast.

The recipe for a delicious milk porridge. Everyone knows that eating oatmeal in the morning is absolutely.

How to quickly cook delicious and nutritious Breakfast? The perfect solution – an omelette in a slow cooker! Cooked.

Pita bread with crab sticks and cheese is a delicious loaf with a hearty filling of crab meat with cheese.

Tasty salad with crab sticks
This tasty salad with crab sticks I occasionally prepare yourself to cheer up, when you vzgrustnut. Because this salad calls a consistent Association with childhood, when the fashion for crab…


Simple salads quick
The most simple vegetable salads Women are now often very busy — who on the job who lots of kids who do both. Time to spare, and to feed the…