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Tasty salad with crab sticks

This tasty salad with crab sticks I occasionally prepare yourself to cheer up, when you vzgrustnut. Because this salad calls a consistent Association with childhood, when the fashion for crab sticks was just beginning and salads with them have been unusual.

And because I like stable flavor combination of crab sticks with corn though. frankly, the husband from corn, in principle, not in delight, and the child, on the contrary, pop out and eat salad exclusively. Salad recipe is simple and widely known, but I do know that each family has its favorite version of this salad, which she prefers to all other. Will voice their version.

To make a delicious salad with crab sticks we need :mail.

1.5 to 2 small package (200g)crab sticks can of corn konservirovannoy (standard, small) 5-6 eggs 150 grams of cheese type Russian 2 pickled cucumbers 1 Apple 1 onion 1 hour. spoon prepared mustard mayonnaise

How to cook a delicious salad with crab sticks:

The eggs boil hard boiled, cooled, cut into small cubes or melechim on a coarse grater (cubes taste better!).

Shred the cheese on a small grater. Crab sticks, pickles, onion and Apple, cut into small cubes.

With corn drain off excess liquid and pour into the company with the rest.

In a salad bowl add a good teaspoon of mustard, and mayonnaise in the comfort of your number. Egg yolks, if they are warm, can quickly dissolve in mayonnaise, and salad will be liquid – do not worry, the refrigerator a couple of hours, and he again will look fine).

The salad cool in refrigerator for at least an hour, better longer.

All tasty salad with crab sticks ready. He’s really not troublesome — just need to boil eggs. The salad I don’t add salt to overdo it with the amount of pickles I do not advise – salad unpleasant pereselilsya, after standing in the refrigerator.

I’ve tried several good options of salads with crab sticks – they have to Tinker a bit longer, later will tell.

We hope you can use my recipe.

Good luck to you in the kitchen and in life.

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