Salad recipes for every day
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Simple and delicious salads
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Beer, recommendations for seizing beer
Drink BEER foam - life will be canceled! Traditional beer snacks - a variety of seafood (especially shrimp), fried chicken wings, small salty snacks on skewers, snacks, chips, sausages, sausages.…

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Delicious cold snacks on the holiday table, simple recipes cooking

Appetizer “Peacock tail”

Required products:

Eggplant-2 pieces;

Tomatoes – 2 pieces;

Cucumbers – 2 pieces;





A bit of salt.

To prepare appetizer “Peacock tail”, you need to:

1. To start, slice the eggplant into rings and put them in a bowl, sprinkle well with salt, stir. An hour later, sometimes missing and 30 minutes, the bitterness from the eggplant leaves. Then under running water rinse the sliced eggplant.

2. Now slightly fry the eggplant in vegetable oil, enough for 3-4 minutes per side. Spread on a plate, and then pereeived on a paper towel, it will absorb unnecessary fat from eggplant.

3. Next, you should slice the tomatoes, also sliced or halves, to suit your taste. Cucumber slices mode exclusively.

4. Peel the garlic and chop it finely or pass through a frog.

5. Cheese (choice of cheese, lean on your taste) grate, preferably on a large branch of a grater.

6. Mix cheese, garlic and mayonnaise in a bowl and mix thoroughly.

7. Let’s design our snacks. For starters of eggplant on the plate make the shape of peacock’s tail. On each slice of stacked collectoremitter (or a semicircle), then cheese mixture, and finally the cucumber. Put half of the olives.

8. Cross the threshold from “Peacock’s tail” in the fridge for about 30 minutes. Served to the table!

This appetizer will impress any guest single! Bon appetit!

“Rolls of crab sticks”

Required products:

Crab sticks – 1 pack;

Boiled chicken eggs – 2 things;

Cottage cheese – 150 grams;




To make “Rolls of crab sticks”, you need to:

1. On a fine grater grate the cheese.

2. Grate peeled eggs as well as cheese.

3. Washed the dill finely chop.

4. All components are put in the bowl, add squeezed through the frog garlic. Season with mayonnaise and mix thoroughly.

5. Carefully Unscrew crab stick and lubricate the mixture, then turn the crab stick back and slice into small rolls. Bon appetit!

“A quick appetizer with cheese and ham”

Required products:

Ham, cut into thin slices;




To make a “Quick snack with cheese and ham”, you need to:

1. On a large grater to RUB cheese.

2. Chop the garlic, combine it with grated cheese and mayonnaise.

3. Each slice of ham fill with the mixture obtained, so that it doesn’t fall out, and pin the edges of the ham skewer or toothpick.

4. Put the starter in the fridge, after 30 minutes it is ready.

This appetizer is a great way to decorate your celebration, casual lunch or dinner without using a lot of time and effort!

Snack “Tenderness”

Required products:

Purchase cakes “Napoleon” is 3 things;

Canned saury – 1 jar (240 grams);

Cheese – 300 grams;

Boiled eggs – 3 things;


Black olives for decoration.

This dish often served in the form of canapés, but you can also store the dish in the form of a pie and cut it into appropriate pieces, larger. If this appetizer is to be created for the festive table, you better submit it in the form of canapés, so it will look exquisite! The cake should soak up, so enjoy his cooking the night before. And better to do the cake immediately in the dishes that will be served.

To prepare a snack “Tenderness”, you need to:

1. On the plate put the first cake layer and spread it with mayonnaise.

2. This cake is laid out the fish, pre-shredded with a fork.

3. Second layer should be coated with mayonnaise on both sides and put on the first Korzh.

4. On it spread grated cheese.

5. With the third cake layer act and the second.

6. Put the grated boiled eggs.

7. The snack is placed in a refrigerator for more than 5 hours.

8. Feeding a snack to the table, cut it into slices and garnish with olives (on skewers).

Bon appetit!

Appetizer of “Tomato-Tulip”

Required products:

Tomatoes small size (cream) – 30 pieces;

Green onions – 1 bunch;

Homemade mayonnaise – 150-200 ml;

Cheese – 200gramm;

Chilled crab sticks – pack (240 grams);

Garlic – 3-4 cloves;

Fresh cucumber (optional).

To prepare an appetizer of “Tomato-Tulip”, it is necessary:

1. On the tomatoes to make a cut (criss-cross). Remove the middle using a teaspoon, without damaging the integrity of tomatoes.

2. On a fine grater three cheese, crab sticks mode.

3. Mix in a bowl: cheese, crab sticks, passed through the frog garlic and mayonnaise.

4. All mix well and Nachinaem prepared tomatoes with the mixture. To decorate snacks, use sliced cucumber or sausage.

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