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Exotic Asian vegetables
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Main dishes, meat dishes – recipes of cooking

Chicken baked in pita bread

Juicy meatballs

Pate Christmas

Jelly in cups “Russian”

Chops in milk in Hungarian

Pork roast “Poltava”

Recipes second courses, meat dishes

Cuisine most of the peoples of the world from generation to generation pass on the recipes of food from poultry, fish, meat, seafood or livestock in the form of side dishes. Contrary to favorite postulate vegetarians, systematic use of meat as food is a prerequisite to a full and healthy diet. That is why meat dishes constitute the largest group in any cook book with recipes.

For centuries, fish, poultry, seafood, pork and beef our ancestors ate a variety of configurations. Famous main dishes where they are used in fried, stewed, smoked, boiled and roasted state. And each of these options has always been its fans. For meat dishes in Russia, served different stewed fruits, sauces, juice, and even vinegar. In modern cooking range of side dishes have risen to unprecedented amounts, but additional sauces and spices has not lost its relevance.


Of course,taste the second dish must be worthy, but, above all, lovers of homemade food and even family members pay attention to the appearance of food served. And even if the taste will be excellent, and the smell will smell cooked around a meat dish, but it will be no respecter of persons, that many of your guests may feel a bit overwhelmed. That is why modern chefs spend a lot of time on the aesthetic preparation and decoration of this or that second dish. Many of the recipes can help you create a work of art.

That, in fact, all main dishes, poultry, seafood, fish and meat possess a taste and nutritional qualities, is not subject to any discussion. Fish is the most famous dietary product, where there is a balanced content of proteins, vitamins A and D, fats, as well as an impressive amount of phosphorus, which is very essential for growing and adult organism for normal mental development.

Meat dishes with pork or beef contain large amounts of animal protein, which is vital to people. A chicken, quail or filet giblets have always been an integral part of the diet.

But, still, it would be wrong to say that the main dishes are exclusively meat dishes. Vegetables and mushrooms are often an important side dish that sets off the taste of delicious steak, give it a piquancy and freshness. In addition, vegetables are rich in vitamins, organic acids and nutrients. They can also serve as a wonderful decoration for the second course, even if one of your guests has refused to garnish fish or fowl, portion laid out on plates.

How to properly combine vegetables in dishes?

Nutritional value of different vegetables in various recipes is heterogeneous, and therefore they should be properly combined in the cooking process. So, for example, carrots have a large amount of provitamin A (carotene), cabbage contains vitamin C, even more than orange juice. Some of the vegetables used in the cooking process of meat dishes, such as garlic, onion or horseradish concentrate volatile is a special bactericidal substance, which man do against infectious and catarrhal diseases. In vegetables minerals as vitamins. For example, some of them can make up for the daily norm of consumption of potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, sodium and iron. And meat dishes, prepared in the right combination of vegetables, and ensure their absorption in the human body, thanks to the animal proteins. If every day to cook new side dishes, it is quite possible, you can start to feel a surge of strength and increase vitality of the body.

Main dishes, prepared by caring hands at home that can give an irreplaceable feeling of comfort and love. They are much healthier than purchased in the network of canteens fast food or even in restaurants. First, the qualitative characteristics possessed by vegetable and meat dishes are homemade above several times. Secondly, the owner can independently determine the readiness of this or that vegetable, adjusting taste during the cooking process. Thirdly, nothing could be better than a home environment, with which the whole family can gather and feel the real taste of gourmet, healthy and quality food.

The right combination of vegetable and meat dishes are sure to make any family’s diet not only diverse, but pleasantly unpredictable.

Exotic Asian vegetables
Let's start with the basics. Asparagus beans . Cost a penny, you can fry, boil, stew. Arina loves them, as well as Filipinos, Vietnamese and Thais. They eat them almost…


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