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10 most dangerous meals of the world

Exotic travel is getting more and more popular. Unexplored parts of the world, rare animals and … exotic dishes. What pushes people to risk their lives to try exotic dishes? Sometimes it is an opportunity to tickle nerves, and sometimes just ignorance of the danger. So what dishes are considered the most dangerous on the planet and in what countries you can try?

The Puffer Fish

This is one of the most venomous fish on the planet, one drop of venom is deadly to humans: it causes paralysis or even death. But in Japan, this fish is considered a delicacy. The art of cooking to learn that. The poison found in the viscera of fish (ROE, liver). If they are damaged during removal, then the dish will be poisoned.

According to statistics, in the land of the rising sun annually 10 cases of poisoning with this fish, but the Japanese stubbornly continue to eat.

For making meals of this fish should take 30 specific actions that even experienced cooks takes at least 20 minutes.

So why take such a risk? Those who have tried, say that because just the divine taste of this fish. So to risk or not? For moral calm: the Japanese believe death by puffer fish vesnapocuca! By the way, to risk their lives will not be cheap. Portion of the puffer fish for four people costs from $ 200.


“San NAK JI” is a very popular dish in Korea and Japan. For its preparation requires no special training, because this dish is … live octopus! Yes, Yes, that’s right, you can right in the restaurant to choose in one of the aquariums you liked the octopus and served it to the table still alive.

Eating octopus from the head, because then much less likely that he will strangle you with its tentacles. Poisonous octopus in the no, but send in your mouth wriggling tentacles, you run the risk of them just choke. Only in South Korea in the year of capture up to 6 000 deaths choked gourmets.


Cassava, manioc, Yucca – these are all names of one and the same plant that grows in Africa and South America. Its fruits are used for making flour and local national dishes.

But be careful, these fruits are dangerous! Collect them only after full maturation. Before cooking should be thoroughly washed with roots and leaves contain large amounts of cyanide.

The consequences of consuming improperly prepared fruit can be ataxia, and amblyopia, in children it can lead to total paralysis

Giant frog-bull

In Namibia, the main delicacy is a giant frog-bull. The skin and the insides of frogs contain a deadly human poison for a few days destroys the liver. If in France people eat only legs, then it uses all the parts of a reptile in addition to internal.

Casu Marzu

Sardinia produces world famous sheep’s cheese Casu Marzu. Its peculiarity is that it is especially infected cheese flies. As a result on the table is served head cheese with translucent worms of length up to centimeters. Those who still dared to try this masterpiece say it’s unique taste.

The larvae are dangerous not only for your body (they are not digested and can begin to multiply, which leads to disorders), but also for the eyes. The larvae jump to a distance of 15 centimeters. This cheese is officially banned, but it’s not much stops the lovers of culinary exoticism.

Dung fungus

Despite such specific name of this mushroom is edible and quite good taste. While by itself it is not dangerous to human health and to use it safely. But it is totally incompatible with any form of alcohol. Even a simple glass of wine in combination with a manure mushroom leads to severe diseases. The irreconcilability of these two ingredients is so high that after the consumption of this mushroom as human food can be bad even the mere scent of perfume.

The Ackee Fruit

The birthplace of this fruit is West Africa and it is widely used in various national dishes of Jamaica. He looks like a pear, only red. Immature or overripe fruit is highly poisonous to humans. Only the flesh is suitable for human consumption and in that case, if it was harvested at the right time.

This fruit is served with dried salted fish or boiled with vegetables, fish and spices.

Giant jellyfish

The habitat of the giant jellyfish – the shores of Japan. More cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Practical Japanese began to eat in order to reduce the number. The main food of these jellyfish, is tuna. In order to avoid problems with the Japanese production reduce the population of jellyfish, and in their practical culture nothing should go to waste!

The principle of butchering similar to the butchering of fish Fugue. From jellyfish remove all toxic pieces and then cooked.


Since ancient times, elderberry was considered a poisonous plant, but the fruit is extremely dangerous. Today the fruits are added in different herbal teas, jams, desserts. From berries and flowers to make wine, in Hungary even produce Buzinov brandy. Known to drink Sambuca is a combination of elderberry and anise. Ipecac is also useful, it contains a lot of vitamin C.

But the berries are edible only to finally ripe. In immature fruits contain a high concentration of cyanide. So immature berries is a great danger to humans.


Tarantula is one of the big poisonous spiders. In most confrontations with him trying to avoid, but here in Cambodia it is a delicacy. The adult will dotiruet size of a large hand of an adult male and has large venomous fangs. The canines tear and the rest of the cooking on the fire, with additions of spices. To taste it resembles chicken.

Poisonous jaws, paws and abdomen insist on rice wine, to obtain a dark brown liquid, which. as they say, good tones up the body.

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