Salad recipes for every day
Squid salad and seaweed 200 g squid 200 g canned sea cabbage 1 carrots (medium) 1 red bell pepper 1 onions 2 tbsp vegetable oil 1 tsp of vinegar salt,…

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Delicious recipes
Cookies kurabe is a familiar taste from my childhood is relevant at all times. Crumbly shortbread biscuits with jam, you can also cook with nuts in our recipe is the…

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Salads are quick to whip up budget
A salad is a dish made with mixture of different vegetables and fresh herbs. Also to the mixture of vegetables can be added to the ingredients of meat products, fish…

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Beans – All the fun!

Delicious and easy bean dishes

It has long been something we have not addressed such a valuable and tasty product, as beans. in our recipes. And so today we have a delicious and simple bean dishes . Where we will touch on a little bit of beans as such, and in particular touch preparation of several delicious dishes.

Delicious and easy bean dishes made simple. And the main requirement for the food — the correct preparation and cleaning of the beans. Preliminary preparation of bean depends on what beans you are using. So, bean is green and normal. Beans younger, so you will need to cook less time. Whereas the usual dry beans requires either

a) soak at least 5 hours and cooking until tender;

b) cooking until tender (an hour to two depending on the bean).

It is important to know an interesting fact: raw beans should not be eaten. It must cook: to stew or boil. In raw beans contain a poisonous substance that is destroyed when cooked. Therefore, you should not eat the raw pods and beans.

By the way, interesting fact: the word “beans” has very ancient origins. It is almost in an unchanged form come down to us from those ancient times when only Sredizemnomorja was settled by our ancestors-Indo-Europeans. Who know about beans (and about how her name is) from locals, then dissolved among our ancestors. And left the memory of himself only a few words. One of which is the beans.

For faster cooking beans using a constant temperature difference. Bring beans to a boil and pour into it half a Cup of cold water. Also during cooking, add more cold water 3-4 times. Remember that the beans should be cooked on low heat.

Ukrainian dishes from Aeneid I. Kotlyarevsky

Ukrainian dishes from the Aeneid by Kotlyarevsky — original and interesting. But before that a few words about the artwork itself. The genre is burlesque. Burlesque (FR. burlesque, from Italian. burla — a joke) — kind of comic poetry that emerged in the Renaissance in connection with the overall development of burlesque poetry. The funny side of burlesque is based on the fact that serious maintenance is expressed to him inappropriate images and stylistic means, and the “exalted heroes” classic antique or neoclassical (sometimes medieval) literature are “disguised” in clownish attire alien to them. Here another kind of burlesque — travesty (i.e. re-dressing).

So, finished with the entry, we go strictly to the dishes (not everyone, of course, from the book — but the most potential from my point of view).

Chile con carne (Chile with meat)

Continue to the section “Recipes” a wonderful dish with meat and beans — chili con carne (chili with meat) . Wonderful dish, hearty, tasty, and most importantly, very easy to cook. We ourselves have tried and recommend.

Chili con carne — Chile with meat, interesting dish that belongs to Mexican cuisine. Thanks a chili pepper in its composition can be very, very sharp. Despite the fact that chili in the name is meat, meat is not an essential component of Chile. Chile may be without meat (Saint carne), without beans, with beans, with cheese, without cheese, and so on, turn the fantasy of the chef.

However, classic chili con carne includes meat, beans, and tomato, and cheese — and is definitely on the beer. Of course, you can use beer instead of broth, water, etc. — but it’s not. Real chili is made with beer.

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