Meat hedgehogs - how to prepare
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Salads on the festive table: new recipes
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Meals from the remnants of the festive table
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Holiday table – holiday recipes, ideas what to cook, the dishes on the holiday table

Christmas gingerbread

Nice tradition to cook and give each other Christmas cakes has taken root in many countries. But, perhaps, only in Russia Christmas cakes are still prepared with such love and faith in the light a miracle it seems that each baked figure with magical powers and is ready to fulfill any wish of its owner. Can we please try?

Hot for the New year

Hot on New year’s day is the climax of the feast, which means that it should delight in its appearance, pleasing to the taste, to emphasize the solemnity of the long-awaited event and to fit the new year table.

Christmas cookies

Christmas is one of the most beautiful Christian holidays. An integral part of its traditions is the Christmas tree, celebration and, of course, a feast for which is common to serve Christmas cookies. Cookies at Christmas is not only a tasty treat for adults and children, it is also original toys on the Christmas tree, and a great gift for loved ones.

Snacks for the New year

The palm on new year’s table traditionally belongs to snacks. This is because they are to open the ball great delicious dishes magical Christmas night. Snacks for the New year should be odnovremennoi, unexpected and at the same time delicious and the relevant taste preferences of the household and guests.

Sandwiches on holiday table

As often happens in our life, the best is the simplest. Here, for example, sandwiches – what could be easier, and how to decorate the table! Of course, any festive table can be imagined without a parade walking dishes, pride of the hostess, which spent a lot of time and effort, but also without inexpensive sandwiches too, not going anywhere. Sandwiches can be just the lifesaver: got a little bit to dance again!

Romantic dinner for two

The main purpose of romantic dinner to impress and make your chosen one with whom I’d spent many years, to look at you in a new way. And those who have this romantic dinner will be the first, not just to impress with my culinary skills, but also to show how you are interesting, multi-faceted and have the same “twist” that every man seeks to see in his beloved.

Christmas cookies

Remember how in childhood we decorated the Christmas tree, as my parents were solemnly picked up a box of Christmas toys, with some trepidation and a sinking heart we are afraid to drop and break unwrapping carefully wrapped in paper fragile glass balls and figures? What did not happen on our Christmas trees and glittering toys, and colorful garlands, and candy in gold wrappers…

Christmas cupcake

Christmas cupcake is an obligatory element of Christmas in all European countries and the USA. We can say that it is the crown of evolution of the holiday baking. Despite the abundance of ready-made sweets in the shops it is still prepared in many families, together with the pudding and gingerbread gingerbread man according to ancient recipes. In the seventeenth century Oliver Cromwell tried to fight with Christmas sweets in England as a manifestation of paganism, but he, of course, nothing happened.

Romantic dinner

The survey conducted among friends and relatives, have revealed an interesting feature: for all its brutality and even the severity of the majority of our men an incurable romantic. In order to prepare for a romantic dinner, you need to be at least sure that all the surprises this evening will be pleasant to your loved one.

Christmas cakes on Christmas

The tradition of preparing festive cakes for Christmas began in Europe several centuries ago. Moreover, in each country, baked a cake, symbolizing a particular object associated with the mystery of the birth of the Savior.

Pancakes with caviar

Pancakes with caviar – all favorite treat. If the pancakes appear in our diet quite often, with caviar, things are somewhat more complicated. Although it is a highly affordable product, but pamper yourself we most often only on holidays. Pancakes stuffed so expensive, but obscenely delicious delicacy, during the carnival can be seen on almost every table.

The cakes in the bread maker

The bread maker is very convenient, useful and incredibly independent. No joke – enough to plant all products for bread making, and everything – no worries, no hassle. Hands are clean, and the free time sea.

Salads on the Christmas table

A good salad on the holiday table is half of the success of every housewife. After all, salads are not only help digestion, but also perfectly decorate the table (at least in the beginning of a feast!). In the upcoming new year’s eve on the table can not only be layered salads, but the salads are fresh, light. Our site picked up for You some interesting recipes from the kitchen of “fusion”.

Celebration in office: how can I treat my colleagues

The office is a little life. However, why small? For someone, no doubt most. Many people spend in the office, they say, “half a life”. What can you do – work is work. Not all can and want to regroup and move on to the freelancers. In addition to work happen in the office and holidays.

Quick, delicious and beautiful salads
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Food combining is a diet salads recipes
For a change of diet and the ability to cover the festive table will do (and not to violate the canons, which adheres to food combining diet) recipes for salads…