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Quick and delicious salads
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Simple and delicious salads

Recipes for delicious salads

Sometimes you want to cook something delicious without spending a lot of time. In this case fit the recipes are simple, but very tasty salads.

For example, here is the recipe for a very tasty salad . which can be prepared from shrimp, rice, olives, salted cucumber, boiled eggs, mayonnaise and tarts puff pastry, and placed where all of these products, cut and dressed with mayonnaise. In the presence of seafood, like mussels, you can add them. As for the baskets, they can make themselves or buy in the store. Although, in any case, this salad will be delicious and without baskets.

Tasty, fast and easy.

Here the recipe is simple and delicious salad . which can be prepared from one package of green beans, three hundred grams of mushrooms, one onion and mayonnaise. Mushrooms and onions fry until fully cooked. Boil beans in slightly salted water. Then allow the products to cool down and mix together, seasoning with mayonnaise. The salad is very hearty and delicious.

This recipe is very simple salad . but no less tasty. Cook right in the peel potatoes, then cut into large cubes, peel onions and add to potatoes. Salt, pepper, add sasamoto bit of vinegar and enough vegetable oil to scent. Give the salad stand for about half an hour and you can start quick, hearty and delicious food.

Another simple salad recipe . We will need 250 grams of crab sticks, five eggs, one cottage cheese, 100 g butter, an Apple and 250 grams of mayonnaise.

The first layer is a simple salad consists of boiled, cut into thin strips proteins, greased with mayonnaise. The second layer – crab sticks, grated on a coarse grater. The third layer – cottage cheese, also grated on a grater, and oil. The fourth layer – grated yolks. Fifth layer – mayonnaise, grated Apple and mayonnaise again. Sixth layer – the remaining crab sticks. A simple salad is ready.

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