Beer, recommendations for seizing beer
Drink BEER foam - life will be canceled! Traditional beer snacks - a variety of seafood (especially shrimp), fried chicken wings, small salty snacks on skewers, snacks, chips, sausages, sausages.…

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Meat hedgehogs - how to prepare
Journey into history At all times, meat was considered a great success and were dearly loved. As soon as people got the fire and learned to cook it, he initially…

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The most expensive dishes of the world

1. Monkey brains

This is not only a travel myth or a scene from “Indiana Jones”: there are people who regularly eat raw monkey brains. Although the famous anecdote about the restaurant dish “live monkey brains” of little faith. In Cambodia, the Bazaar can be easily and inexpensively buy a kilo or two monkey brains and then, at the place to eat. Nobody finds it strange or ugly

2. Rat

Earlier in Paraguay meat rats ate mostly in small villages, but now this fashion has spread across the country.

3. Haggis. The so-called Scotland’s famous national dish, consists of minced lamb and boiled in the stomach, heart, lungs and liver of the animal.

4. Civic

Civic — seal, stuffed seagulls.

5. Boiled sheep head-This delicacy is common in the Middle East — Iran, Iraq. This dish is served even in Kazakhstan, and slits her the most respected member of the family!

6. Mouse in wine

This wine is made as follows: fill the bottle of rice wine three-day young mice and leave the wine “languishing” for a year

7. Balut

Boiled duck egg, kotoromu formed fetus with feathers, beak and cartilage. Eaten mostly by the peoples of Cambodia. Those who have tried this dish, note especially the distinctive taste (perhaps because polyformaldehyde bones)

8. Pork brains

Although this dish is you do not seem super special, but you are unlikely to find it in every restaurant.

9. Bull’s balls. This is the most common food in the household in the southern part of China; it is often possible to see how the bull testicles are hanging in a butcher shop, along with other types of meat. As the Chinese say, we are open to any food.

10. Eye tuna

This miracle of culinary art you can only find in Japan. It’s probably the most gigantic fish eyes you have ever seen.

In some Muslim countries people can officially buy alcohol, upon presentation of a certificate concerning his illness.

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