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Simple salads quick

The most simple vegetable salads

Women are now often very busy — who on the job who lots of kids who do both. Time to spare, and to feed the family delicious and satisfying need. Therefore very important to have easy and simple recipes, mostly simple salads to whip up a, which can from simple ingredients to prepare. But, we want hearty, tasty and healthy. Today we will discuss a few of these recipes, you’ll like them.

Salad of beet tops

Once a sister from Greece came to visit, as the summer time, our garden is full of beets with lush foliage. And when I ripped from the earth such a beautiful alyssum, and the leaves mercilessly through the neighbor’s backyard chickens hurled, sister already jumped: what did you do. Say where to put it? Sister laughed and said that when Greece first came, also requested by the market leaves off to home not to wear, and they surprised looked at her. As it turned out, the Greeks successfully used the beet tops and doing the right thing. It is very useful and tasty. Here today we will prepare a salad from it — a perfectly simple, useful and tasty.


Tops with 2 sokolac;

1 cucumber;

Juice of lemon (about a spoon);

Oil (preferably olive);


Can parsley.


Listadult boiling water, let them lie, steamed. The older the plant, the longer it should be kept in boiling water, or even boil if it is too hard. Young enough for a couple of minutes to soften and drain the boiling water.

Cut into circles or slices of cucumber, cut into ribbons tops, press out there lemon juice, pour on butter, add salt, a little parsley and mix. Ready!

Cabbage salad and tomatoes

Always tasty, any side dish, meat or fish.

1 large tomato;

Sprouts – 2 handfuls of finely chopped;

Sweet pepper – 1 piece;

Onion – 1 piece;

Parsley – poluchka.

Prepared quickly and easily. Tomato cut into slices, finely shredded cabbage, primarily and Almali slightly to the salad straw hard failed. Pepper cut into strips, onion — thin half-rings, the greenfinch can also partly in a salad slice, a little for decoration to be postponed.

All primarily slightly, flavored homemade butter poured, mixed, the dish is ready!

Tip: mayonnaise, sour cream, you can add a clove of garlic.

Salad with egg, onion, lettuce and dill

Green salad leaves in the garden the very first break through, and together with radishes are the first delight us with his appearance on private land. Only as the sun warmed and the winter beriberi requires full of vitamins, here is a vegetable dish is a wonderful find for our hungry vitamins the body.


Green onions


Boiled egg

Salt, olive maselko (or more, to your taste)

Well, that all just leafy greens a good wash that sand was left anywhere, tear by hand. Onions and dill wash, chop. Egg (or more, if several people cook), boil hard boiled, cut into cubes.

Do not specify the proportions, because here everyone for themselves may vary. You can tuck in mayonnaise, mixed with sour cream.

Salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers

Will be not expensive vegetables and almost every day we make this mixed vegetables with tomatoes, cucumber and peppers adding a sweet bow, tucking it maselko, then the sour cream. Useful and tasty, prepared just a couple of minutes.

2 tomato;

1 sweet pepper;

2 cucumber;

0.5 onion (preferably white or red);

2 cloves of garlic;

The greenfinch any;

Salt, butter for the filling (you can sour cream).

All the vegetables wash, cut arbitrarily, greens finely chop, onion — thin half-rings, garlic — through press or a small knife to chop. Fill with oil — ready!

Tomato, onion, greens

2 tomatoes

0.5 onion

A little parsley or dill

Salt, butter, or sour cream

Here would be great else basilicas came up, if there is — I recommend a couple of sprigs to add.

Tomatoes cut slices, onion thin half-rings, greenfinch, finely shredded, all mixed, fill the oil or sour cream. This dish is my friend has tons of them, just with bread. And takes a thick slice of bread, crumbles not big chunks, throw into a salad. All mixes and with such pleasure Nominet — tried it, really delicious, without any side dish or meat, just bread.

Of radish

In the winter when no fresh vegetables, we use conservation, and even sometimes make salads with carrots, radishes or beets.

We will need:

2 radish;

A bunch of green onion;

Bunch of dill;

Salt, butter for the filling.

Radishes and wash greens, radish cut into thin circles or, if caught too tight to RUB on the Tarocco. Greens to chop, mix, prisolit, butter to water. Oil best homemade, flavorful — delicious.

Salad with tomatoes, egg and cheese

This salad is like any busy housewife, because it is prepared quickly, eaten up even faster, he is tender, nutritious, tasty and filling. Great alternative to Breakfast or a light dinner. The preparing will take only 10-15 minutes, and the result is invariably excellent.

The products needed:

Cheese – 70 gr.

Tomatoes – 1 — 2 PCs.

Egg – 2-3 PCs.

Mayonnaise – to your taste

Preparation of salad:

Boil hard-boiled eggs, peel them from the shell and grate on a coarse grater.

Also grate the cheese on a coarse grater.

Tomatoes cut into cubes.

Mix all ingredients with mayonnaise.

Salad “just Easier” — ready!

This salad can be served with mayonnaise sauce and in sour cream — your choice and taste. With sour cream, the salad will be more useful, so I can make this dressing:

Sour cream,


ground pepper,

half teaspoon lemon juice

I can add a clove of crushed garlic, and dry herbs or finely chopped dill.

All mixed — salad dressing — healthy and delicious, ready. This Breakfast will appeal to your child.

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