Holiday table – holiday recipes, ideas what to cook, the dishes on the holiday table
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Mexican stuffed pumpkin with meat

How to cook Mexican food: pumpkin with meat

Interrupt a series of publications on vegetable dishes. because we have people who can’t live without meat, and those who are fasting can take it on a note and prepare at another time or to show imagination and replace skoromny products on lean. Today our case a Mexican cuisine dish: a pumpkin stuffed with meat. An unusual combination of minced meat and pumpkin give this Mexican dish juiciness and softness, but also very sweet and delicate flavor.

A dish of Mexican cuisine: stuffed pumpkin with meat

Ingredients for stuffed pumpkin

— one egg,

— 700 grams minced meat,

— salt optional,

— medium pumpkin,

— black pepper,

— two cloves of garlic,

— vegetable oil,

— one onion.

1. Peel the garlic and onion and grind them in a meat grinder, add to ground beef mixture and pepper, egg, salt, mix thoroughly with your hands.

2. With pumpkin creativer, then he will play the role of “cover”, and remove the seeds.

3. Fill the pumpkin to the ground beef so that it was full. The stuffing cover with the “pumpkin lid”.

4. Lay the stuffed vegetables on oiled baking sheet. Depending on the size of the pumpkin, bake it in the oven a couple of hours. The process also depends on whether you have a furnace, for example, ovens Kuppersberg with programming of cooking mode, touch control panel and timer for easy operation. But if you have an oven like mine, the gas, you have to make sure that the pumpkin does not burn, and at the end connect upper fire.

Willingness to verify this, an hour later, carefully pierce the vegetable. It should be very soft.

For more flavor in the stuffing, you can add fresh tomatoes or boiled rice. In this case, for five hundred grams of minced meat take a glass of boiled rice. You can also add in toppings fried mushrooms. Ready to put the pumpkin on a large platter, remove the top, sprinkle with fresh herbs and in this form immediately served on the table. Vkusnotischa indescribable!

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