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Food combining is a diet salads recipes

For a change of diet and the ability to cover the festive table will do (and not to violate the canons, which adheres to food combining diet) recipes for salads based on vegetables. Easy and wholesome food for students who wish to follow a healthy diet.

Salad “Caesar” to separate food

Simple and easy to prepare salad will come to the rescue of a novice cook and experienced chef. This dish will delight with its lightness and delicate flavor. Great for meat dishes.

For this salad you need fresh vegetables: half cob salad “Romen” and two tomatoes.

For the filling you will need 3 tbsp. spoonfuls of flavored olive oil and 1.5 — balsamic vinegar. Hard cheese for topping the salad in portioned plate, ground black pepper.

Procedure prigotovleniya salad:

wash lettuce leaves and tear them into small pieces; put the salad in a bowl; washed and dried tomatoes cut into small cubes; put the tomatoes on lettuce; sprinkle with grated cheese tomatoes, pepper and butter, well mixed with vinegar.

Light salad with chicken and fresh cabbage

On a half a kilogram of boiled chicken you will need: fresh cabbage 350 g of any hard cheese 100 g mayonnaise or sour cream for salad dressing, salt.

Preparation of salad:

boiled chicken fillet cut into cubes; cabbage cut into toencourage; on a coarse grater to grate cheese; mix everything, add to a salad mayonnaise and salt it to taste.

For fans, you can vary the taste a small amount of garlic.

Salad with squid and cucumber

To prepare this dish you will need: 500 g of cleaned and frozen squid, 3 pieces of chicken eggs, 2 cucumbers, one head of onion, chopped parsley, sour cream and salt.

Preparation of salad:

squid boil in boiling water 5 minutes; cut them into strips; cooked hard-boiled eggs crumble strips, such as julienne cut cucumbers, onions finely crumble; all salt and stir evenly, then add the sour cream; pour on top of fresh greens.

Shrimp salad

For the salad 6-8 prawns will need to prepare one cucumber and tomato, olive oil, a tablespoon of juice, squeezed from fresh lemon, salt and pepper.

Preparation of salad:

boiled shrimp cut into pieces; chop the cucumbers and tomatoes; mix everything and season it with salt and spices; add the lemon juice and oil; mix well salad.

Layered salad with crab sticks

This salad requires these ingredients: 2 fresh cucumbers, one medium onion, 3 boiled eggs, 4 pieces defrosted crab sticks, 150 g of any hard cheese varieties, salt and pepper, mayonnaise sauce and parsley.

Preparation of salad:

finely chop the onion and put the first layer in the bowl; grease the layer (and all subsequent) mayonnaise, to grate on a coarse side of a grater cucumber and place the second layer on the onions; finely chop the crab sticks and add a third layer in the bowl; the eggs coarsely grate and place the fourth layer; the last layer is grated cheese; layers of salt and peppering as needed; on top of salad, sprinkle with chopped parsley.

You can eat healthy and tasty, gotovim (separate meals) salads, the recipes of which are presented here.

Salad with avocado and chicken

350 g boiled chicken fillet will need 2 pieces of tomatoes and radishes, one avocado and lettuce, mayonnaise and spices.

Preparation of salad:

chicken breast lightly fried with spices; when the chicken has cooled, it needs to be cut to pieces; avocado peel and cut into slices, tomatoes cut into wedges; radish crumble shredded; lettuce to break up in small pieces; to combine them in a salad dish and dress with mayonnaise with spices.

Chicken salad with corn and pineapple

For salad 300 g chicken fillet will need: 2 pieces of cucumber and eggs, 1 jar of canned corn and pineapple, mayonnaise.

Preparation of salad:

fillet of a young chicken boil and cut into small pieces; to crumble cucumber sticks; hard-boiled chicken eggs cut into small cubes; in a salad bowl arrange in layers; chicken, pineapple and cucumbers (the layers of fluff mayonnaise); wait 15 minutes; put the following layers: egg and corn.

Warm salad of eggplant and peppers

For the salad 250 g eggplant, tomatoes and bell pepper you need to prepare: 150 g feta cheese, fresh 1 teaspoon mustard, 2 tablespoons honey, 6 tablespoons of vegetable (preferably olive) oil, spices.

Preparation of salad:

tomatoes, peppers and aubergines cut into equal cubes; on a baking sheet, lay out the peppers and eggplant, sprinkle with salt and butter; preheat oven to 220 °C; bake the peppers with the eggplant for 15 minutes; in a bowl mash the feta; mix the oil, honey, mustard and spices until smooth; in a salad bowl combine all ingredients and mix well.

Shrimp salad with sesame seeds

For this salad you need the following products: 300 g of shrimp (preferably Royal), 3 medium tomatoes, 2 fresh cucumber, 1 bunch of lettuce, half a lemon, mayonnaise, 3 tablespoons sesame seeds, 2 tbsp. tablespoons of any vegetable oil, but delicious dish will be olive, half red capsicum, salt and black pepper.

The process of making salad:

cucumbers and tomatoes cut into large pieces; break the lettuce into pieces; shrimp boil for 5 minutes in heavily salted water with added red and black pepper, olive oil and half a lemon, the juice of which is pressed into the water; peel shrimps; mix all ingredients; sprinkle with sesame seeds and add the mayonnaise.

Salad with salmon and quail eggs

A piece in 100 g salted salmon you will need: 8 quail eggs, 16 tomatoes, 1 sprig of lettuce, 1 tbsp lemon juice, about 4 tablespoons of olive oil, parsley, salt and black pepper.

Preparation of salad:

washed lettuce cut into small pieces and dry; quail eggs boil until cool (3-4 minutes), cool and cut into two pieces; wash tomatoes, cut them into 4 pieces and season with salt; rinse the parsley leaves, slices cut salmon; beat the sauce of lemon juice, olive oil, parsley, salt and parsley; spread on a plate of salad, on top of it lay the salmon, then the tomatoes and egg, pour over sauce.

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