Meals from the remnants of the festive table
At the end of the meal every woman is concerned about only one issue — what to do with the leftover food after the Banquet. To throw — to be…

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The most expensive dishes of the world
1. Monkey brains This is not only a travel myth or a scene from "Indiana Jones": there are people who regularly eat raw monkey brains. Although the famous anecdote about…

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The most expensive dishes of the world
1. Monkey brains This is not only a travel myth or a scene from "Indiana Jones": there are people who regularly eat raw monkey brains. Although the famous anecdote about…

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Salads on the festive table: new recipes

Festive salads are a special topic for conversation. Personally I can spend hours discussing with my friends on the Internet recipes of salads on the holiday table, and always write down the recipes for delicious festive salad.

As stated in a wise proverb: “a Blunt pencil is better than the sharpest memory”, so I decided to collect all of their favorite and proven recipes, holiday salads in one place.

To open before the holidays page – and all the salads on the holiday table in one place, it only remains to choose a suitable salad, and to send her husband to the supermarket for groceries.

Salad with crab sticks and carrots

Ingredients :

crab sticks 200 g

eggs boiled 6 pieces

cooked carrots large 1 PC

cheese 70gr

mayonnaise or sour cream


Crab sticks finely chop or grate (to freeze it). Separate the whites from the yolks. Grate separately.

Carrots and cheese to RUB on a small grater. You can separately mix with mayonnaise (except cheese), and each layer to miss the mark.

Put layers: crab sticks, proteins, carrots, egg yolks, cheese. Garnish with greens.

Salad “Obsession” (herring, garlic and cheese!)

How to cook salad “Obsession”

Salad “Mushrooms under a fur coat”


500 gr.mushrooms

1-2 onions

3-4 boiled potatoes

green onions

3-4 eggs,

a few pickles

cheese 200 grams


Salad with prunes and chicken “the Birthday boy”

How to cook salad with prunes and chicken “the Birthday boy”

Salad with crab sticks “the Red sea”

Delicate, simple and delicious salad for the holiday. If you cook, you will not regret it, the salad is really very tasty.

crab meat or crab sticks 200 gr

tomatoes 250 gr

red bell pepper 150 g

garlic 2 cloves

hard cheese (Russian)

mayonnaise refills

herbs for decoration


Crab meat and cut the sweet pepper into strips.

Tomatoes cut into slices. If they have too much juice, remove the hearts with seeds (superfluous liquid we don’t need).

Grate cheese on a coarse grater.

In a salad bowl mix all the ingredients, add the garlic, and season with mayonnaise.

Salad with sprats and crackers “Kharkiv mix”

Salad with croutons and ham “Carmen”

Very tasty and original salad with croutons chicken and ham with a dressing of mayonnaise and adzhika. Your guests will be satisfied.

Salad with mushrooms, chicken and nuts “Goblin”


1 PC. boiled chicken breast

400 g mushrooms,

2 PCs. onions,

3 PCs. boiled eggs,

100 g of hard cheese,

0,5 article chopped walnuts,



Mushrooms, onions chop, fry separately.

Breast cut into cubes, boil eggs, RUB on a coarse grater, cheese to RUB on a large grater, add nuts, mayonnaise and mix.

On a flat dish to put in the center of the glass or bottle, put our salad and slightly flatten it. Then very carefully pull out the glass and decorate.

Decorate our salad greens and flowers of olives.

Salad with squid, mushrooms and nuts “Kiev”

How to cook salad “Kiev”

Salad with chicken and mushrooms “Eating”


eggs boiled 5 PCs

smoked chicken breast 200g

marinated mushrooms 200g

cheese 100-150g

herbs for decoration

mayonnaise or sour cream.

Separate the whites from the yolks. Separately grate.

Meat and mushrooms finely chop.

Grate the cheese on a small grater. Meat mayonnaise.

Put layers from the bottom up: meat, mushrooms, mayonnaise, egg whites, mayonnaise, cheese, mayonnaise. yolks. Garnish with greens.

Salad “yum”


300 g cabbage

200 g of boiled meat (pork or beef)

3 small beets

2 carrots

1 medium onion

4-5 potatoes

2 cloves of garlic

1 cucumber

2 tomatoes

hard cheese



soy sauce

vegetable oil


Carrot (one), beets and meat are cooked separately and cut into sticks. Cut the potatoes into strips, then fry (to make fries). Cabbage and cucumber sticks.

Further ingredients out onto a plate layers (each ingredient mayonnaise in a separate bowl):

1 layer — cabbage (season with salt and gently squeeze and pepper, mayonnaise);

2 — carrots (1 svezheya + 1 boiled, soy sauce and a little mayonnaise);

3 — beets + garlic and mayonnaise;

4 — meat + mayonnaise;

5 — onion finely chopped;

6 — potato + mayonnaise.

On top lay the tomato slices, salt them, put a bit of mayonnaise, sprinkle with grated cheese and garnish with greens.

Salad with cheese and pineapple

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