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My Kingdom for a drink of water: the most expensive food in the world

The most expensive water in the world’s Most expensive meat – Japanese marbled beef is the Most expensive spice in the world saffron is the Most expensive caviar is the Most expensive coffee – Kopi Luwak the Most expensive mushroom is the white truffle back to top

We are accustomed to the fact that “the loaves grow on trees”, the water flows from the tap, and the “meat samoproizvol in stores”… However, all this is pretty obvious. If you think about it, each of us surely knows where it comes from. And gladly give money to never bake themselves bread, to drink pure water, cleaned of chlorine and harmful impurities, not to get rid off light cows and chickens… But what are we willing to pay the most money? Below is the list of the most expensive foods in the world!

The most expensive coffee: Kopi Luwak

The most expensive coffee in the world Kopi Luwak is so peculiar way of life that it is sometimes fit to apply metaphorically to all dearest.

Kopi translated from Indonesian coffee. A Luwak is a small, voracious animal similar to a ferret who loves to eat coffee beans. Yes, in such quantities that does not have time to digest them all. The output is the most expensive coffee in the world, with balanced taste with a delicate bitterness, nice creamy color and flavor of honey…

Kilogramme Kopi Luwak costs between $ 300 and higher.

Most expensive fungus: white truffles

The most expensive mushroom in the world – the white truffle. On the truffle hunt tartufi, sell them at auction. These not too cute mud-coloured tubers become the Golden calf to its owner.

The truffle grows underground, at a depth of a few centimeters, and only in certain places – in Italy, France and Romania. Say its aroma and taste makes the “touch the beautiful”, a real truffle hostage. And say that the truffle is an aphrodisiac that makes women more tender and men more loving.

This fungus is kept in special jars with rice to absorb excess moisture. Interestingly, this rice, a little angel with a gorgeous mushroom, then preparing and reverently taken as food. And the white truffle is not cooked – otherwise it loses its flavor and aroma. Roast white truffle – blasphemy!

The price of white truffles from 2 000 euros per kilogram and higher, much higher.

The most expensive caviar: Iranian

Red and black caviar – a symbol of financial success for a long time. But actually the most expensive caviar has a yellowish color, and throws it not just Beluga and Beluga-albino, not younger than 80 years. The older the sturgeon, the tastier and more tender eggs. The world’s most expensive Almas caviar comes from Iran. Previously, it had only sheiks and attempted Supermicro gourmet chopped hand. Now caviar is packaged in jars made of pure gold, from which the price increases even more.

The price per 100g of eggs – about 2 000 USD.

The most expensive spice in the world: saffron

The chefs say: if you see saffron at a low price, know that it is fake. Most often the issue saffron turmeric. Once such Scam is not passed for nothing: in the VII century, counterfeiting of saffron were burned at the stake.

No wonder saffron is the most expensive spice in the world. It is obtained from the stamens of the flowers of Crocus sativum. Given that each flower of three stamens only, you can just about imagine the amount of work. However, this spice in any dish, from cakes to risotto – is a little bit, because saffron is a very bright scent that’s when “Robin” will make the meal just nasty. By the way, the saffron colors of dishes in a pleasant Golden color, not without reason in ancient times it was called “gold yuan”, and in England tinted their hair. Saffron is good as monospace, and some of the dishes without it it is impossible to imagine, for example, the fish soup Bouillabaisse or Oriental pastries.

The price of 1 kg of saffron is about $ 6,000.

The most expensive meat: Japanese marbled beef

Meat from Japanese cows breed Wagyu – the most expensive in the world. In General, the term “marbled beef”, designating the meat with nice veins of fat, first appeared in Japan. Cows for better beef massaged manually, keep to a special diet, give them beer, and sometimes fluster and red wine. It happens that the cow is not standing, but hanging relaxed at the special straps – only to once again not to strain.

In General, the production process is the best marbled beef plunges into shock of many “green”.

Price for juicy piece 200-gram filet for about $ 100.

The most expensive water in the world: Hawaiian

Distance from Hawaii to the depths of the ocean produces sea water. After the necessary operations of desalination it is bottled in tiny bottles to 0.06 L. Say, Kona Nigari helps to lose weight, improves skin color and eliminates stress. Before use, expensive water is to dilute the ordinary.

The price for 0,06 l – $ 33.

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