My Kingdom for a drink of water: the most expensive food in the world
The most expensive water in the world's Most expensive meat - Japanese marbled beef is the Most expensive spice in the world saffron is the Most expensive caviar is the…

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The most expensive dishes of the world
1. Monkey brains This is not only a travel myth or a scene from "Indiana Jones": there are people who regularly eat raw monkey brains. Although the famous anecdote about…

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10 most dangerous meals of the world
Exotic travel is getting more and more popular. Unexplored parts of the world, rare animals and ... exotic dishes. What pushes people to risk their lives to try exotic dishes?…

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9 delicious salads every day

1. The salad is tasty with crackers.

3. Crispy salad with pineapple and chicken.

4. Salad from Chinese cabbage with chicken.

5. Italian salad with ham, cheese and vegetables.

6. Egg salad and ham.

7. Salad with chicken, beans and cheese.

8. Quick salad with beans and crab sticks.

9. Salad with Korean carrot.

Large cucumber — 1 PC.

Boiled chicken breast (chicken or ham) — 250 g

Cheese durum — 70-100 g

Corn — 1 Bank




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Simple salads quick

The most simple vegetable salads

Women are now often very busy — who on the job who lots of kids who do both. Time to spare, and to feed the family delicious and satisfying need. Therefore very important to have easy and simple recipes, mostly simple salads to whip up a, which can from simple ingredients to prepare. But, we want hearty, tasty and healthy. Today we will discuss a few of these recipes, you’ll like them.

Salad of beet tops

Once a sister from Greece came to visit, as the summer time, our garden is full of beets with lush foliage. And when I ripped from the earth such a beautiful alyssum, and the leaves mercilessly through the neighbor’s backyard chickens hurled, sister already jumped: what did you do. Say where to put it? Sister laughed and said that when Greece first came, also requested by the market leaves off to home not to wear, and they surprised looked at her. As it turned out, the Greeks successfully used the beet tops and doing the right thing. It is very useful and tasty. Here today we will prepare a salad from it — a perfectly simple, useful and tasty. Continue reading

The most unusual and delicious recipes from squid
The most unusual and delicious recipes from squid impossible without proper preparation of the carcass. How to prepare squid and what creative dishes can be done, today will tell you…


What's cooking
The world's most expensive salad. called "Florette Sea&Earth ", can be enjoyed in the restaurant of the Oxford hotel "Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons". The ingredients - 50 g of…